MMM #16 Terrible Twos with Delightful Developments!

Manic Mommy Monday!

Well, Monday started off with a bang, followed by a scratch, a rip and an expletive that should not have been uttered in front of my kiddo, but mama couldn't help it as searing pain raged across her left ear, 5 separate bloody scalp wounds, above one eye, on the cheek, under the chin and on the right hand pointer finger. Sound like I was mauled by a bear? Sheesh! We were sitting in the chair, 5 minutes after waking up, enjoying coffee and some toddler finger food when our cat exploded off of his climbing post onto my head. He does this SEVERAL times a day and has NEVER missed the chair back and landed on any of us EVER. It's been 3 years of his nimble aim. Today, he messed up. I am VERY thankful that Bug didn't get a single scratch! I on the otherhand not only had a 12 lb cat on my head, I have several stinging scratches and bloody mats in my hair--it looks like I came from an episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive!"

So, that's how it is how life is going in other areas:

1) Fitness: Epic Fail. Starting over on my endeavor of weight loss, warding off Type II Diabetes, and getting fit again. I have sucked at this goal this summer (really crappy weather hasn't helped!) So, I am trying again. Gearing up for success in a realistic way. Starting with shopping smarter. No junk in the house = less junk in the mouth!

2) Toddlerhood: Whoa. My 15 month-old is a stormin' short-tempered demon child sometimes. I love him to pieces, but head-butts to the bridge of your nose, adam's apple, and eye/cheek bone several times a day during a meltdown wear on a mama. Little Bug has turned into a tantrum-throwing toddler. Full-fledged. On the other hand, maybe this is that dorky parent trait finally kicking in (the one where you think your kid is Einstein and is capable of a genius grant at 15 months...) but I didn't think that kids this age could unscrew caps--like on toothpaste, reel a fishing rod, put a key and and out of an ignition, and other crazy tasks that seem like something a 2 or 3 year old would do. I haven't researched it because I have no time, but it seems early for all of this! Eek! I'm proud that he's developing nicely, but my goodness! Mama needs a break!

3) Marriage: It's our 1 year anniversary today! :) We made it without killing each other! Actually, it's been going pretty well. I am a little bummed that we aren't going out for crab tonight, but hubby can only take so much time away from home (he's weird like that) and we were gone 2 nights camping and are leaving for another 3 nights this weekend. The search for a home continues. We did see 2 great places, but we do not want to be the fools that rush the move and are unhappy after a month. So, we're scouring more.

That's it for this week! I need to get outside and get this whiney-ass child some exercise. He is having a meltdown day. Which makes mama have a hair-pulling day. And with my cat-fight wounds, I'm in no mood to pull hair!


  1. I hope you scratches heal quickly! Ouch!!

  2. Hope you heal quickly! All that toddler drama is really grating on the nerves when you don't feel well.

  3. Thanks ladies! It was so random and traumatic at the time! LOL

  4. My husband is the same way about not wanting to be away from home too much!

  5. Oh, the joys of the terrible two's. My daughter went through the same thing. Those "Call the exorcist!!" tantrums really bring out the worst in a Mama.