#MMM17 - Vacation Brings on Stay-Cation

Manic Mommy Monday!

This Monday feels like a Monday. We were camping Thursday-Sunday night. I had my period the whole time. I was crabby. Hubs was crabby. Bug didn't poop for 3 days, so he was crabby too. The weather was GORGEOUS. The area we camped in was not flooded with people OR water (from 9+ inches of rain last week)! We had our new camper, I packed AWESOME dinners. Everything SHOULD have went great.

Instead, we ended up fighting about stupid stuff. So much so that my husband claims he doesn't like camping anymore. He got pissed at ME for him not landing his big fish. We got woke up by the County Sheriff for not putting our campfire out. (We were literally 3 feet away, so I didn't know that being asleep and not watching it qualified as "unattended." Sorry Smokey.) I fell down a 4 foot rock face and scuffed up my knee and ankle. An unplanned trip to Walmart took an hour. On our "nice dinner out" night, my prime rib was 90% fat and his ribs were dry. We all got eaten alive by bugs and Hubs even dropped Bug on his head from on the picnic table.

I know this just sounds like whining about a bunch of silly stuff, and I TRY to keep my whining out of my weekly MMM update, but I was SO looking forward to this trip, it was kind of crushing! Especially since it was only 5 days after our anniversary, so I kind of wanted it to be like a 2nd honeymoon--fun and romance. I think I built up an imaginary perfect trip, so that perpetuated every minor flaw.

As much went wrong, I STILL HAD FUN. Sometimes my husband can be so crabby it makes life miserable. What do you do to defuse the husband bomb when it's sizzling?? Ahh!

We DID go to a dairy, fresh cow milk (with a little chocolate) was really delish! I must have drank like 5 quarts in 3 days--way to go, self-control!! We also watched a cool interpretive summer solstice skit -- we all enjoyed that. We ate Blizzards and shakes for treats. We found a few cool deals at garage sales, including a $10 trail bike for my man and a bike helmet for the little man. We went swimming at the local pool and did have a great time as a family, but I think it may have creeped other people out that we were all in the kiddie pool! (Our boy is 15 months and a great water kid, but you still want to be there to grab them when they dunk, even in 9" of water!) We walked around the town a TON! It was so nice! We even used our garage sale umbrella stroller this trip, opting to save space with a smaller stroller. One passerby said "Thank you for having a simple stroller!" Apparently, she has been overwhelmed by the BOBs and Chariots and Mountain Buggy's!! I picked out some SWEET earrings from an art gallery and dropped some NOT-SO-SUBTLE hints to hubby for my birthday in August!! They were $60, which I'd never spend on earrings for myself, but are so unique and absolutely ME that I just adore them. Fingers crossed! :) 

So now we're back home. I'm behind 4 days in emails, posts, and other net stuff (no cell or net where we were) and my boy misses dad, who went back to work. We are trying to tour houses this week, my sister-in-law is home for 2 weeks before going back to Africa, I am going back to Zumba tonight, and trying WeeCare again. Hopefully I won't be paged right away!


  1. I have to ask...where'd you go? We haven't tried camping yet. We only have tents though. If we had a camper or pop-up I'd be more willing to try it!

    1. We went up the shore. It was a beautiful nightmare. LOL. But, I had fun. The camper was great. We did the tent thing last year, and it was totally do-able, but the camper is much nicer!

  2. We went camping (in tents) for our babymoon and while I love camping and we have a fairly large tent for two people (sleeps 9), I wouldn't suggest doing it at 7 1/2 months pregnant in Louisiana's heat! Yesterday alone it got up to 106 degrees with ridiculous amounts of humidity!

  3. Awwww, I hope your next camping trip goes better. We love camping although now that we have little kids I am not sure it's much of a vacation:) It is still fun to watch my little guys explore the outdoors.

  4. Your next trip will be better! :) I've had vacations like that before where it seems like so much goes wrong. I hope your knee feels better!!