My Creepy Crawly Irrational Fear #Blog Challenge

Okay, there it is. In all of it's disgusting 8-legged glory. But it's not just any spider. It's a Twelve-spotted Fishing spider a.k.a. my arch nemesis. Now, I actually felt a bit physically sick to my stomach searching images of the sick creature. My fear has gotten progressively worse as I've gotten older (say in the past 10 years at least).

I am not a fan of 'regular' spiders either, but this particular beast is GIANT! I saw them all the time on the docks of the northwoods lakes where I lived and worked growing up. We just called them "dock spiders" and "gross." When I was a naturalist I was reading "Canoe Country Fauna" and spotted this guy. I then found out what I was up against: The Fishing Spider. Aptly named, the Fishing Spider (several species are available for your arachnaphobic dismay) the arachnid waits commonly on docks and rocks around bodies of water watching for minnows, YES, minnows to swim by. It is a carnivorous spider whose prey is the size of your pinky. Do you know what that means for your pinky? [Da dum, da dum, da dum -- Jaws theme] Correct. Stay out of the water!

I hadn't seen one in the flesh since about 2003 until last weekend. The epic camping trip turned trip from Hell. This spider added to that adventure. Ick! I was standing in the water, Lord only knows how close I was before I saw him there, creeping, waiting for me! When I DID see it, it was only about 6" from my leg. The reflection of the water kind of hid him, so I didn't react until he was way too close for my comfort. I didn't get a picture either, because they strike in me a paralyzing fear and it is always fight or flight, nothing else. So, I ran out of the water. Then, I splashed the area where the spider was to get it to go away--you should have seen that sucker move! My husband even said it was amazing and a little creepy how it JETTED across the water! Like 10 feet in just a second? I have no idea, physics was never my strong suit, but it was FAST.

Dolomedes (genus name of these ickies) are large spiders of the family Pisauridae. They are also known as fishing spiders, raft spiders, dock spiders or wharf spiders.

Here is another variety--check out all the disgusting spawn! Blech! **Photo found at**

Want to know something gross? Nearly all "Dock Spiders" are at least semi-aquatic with the exception of one-a spider that lives in the Southwestern USA that prefers to live in trees. Is nowhere safe?!?!

Okay, you've survived this post this long, now for the pincer--I mean clincher--these little uglies CAN STAY UNDER WATER FOR UP TO 15 MINUTES!!! You didn't know you were takin' a dip with a monster, did you?

Thanks for sharing my fear! I hope we all sleep spider-free in our dreams (and our realities) tonight!! Ick!

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  1. Oh yuck! Yeah, spiders are my weak point as well. Lucky hubs is willing to be our familoy's spider wrangler!