Rip Van Winkle after the Annual Perennials

I feel like Rip Van Winkle. It's been an AMAZING day. It was the kind of day that makes me feel so happy about the meandering path my life has taken me down in order to be right where I am (was) today.


We were total dorks today. *Precursor* I have been looking forward to a perennial sale in our small "local" town, about 16 miles away for months. MONTHS. In March I started gearing up for this sale. It's put on by the local gardener's club--which, I am now a member of!!! So, the event is annual but sells perennials. The members dig and split slips from their own gardens and bring them to the town square from 7am-11am to sell to profit the clubs' endeavors (mostly plantings around the town, birdbaths, benches, beautify-ing the town). Last year, I missed the plant I was lusting after by 10 minutes. We were there around 8ish I suppose. This year, I kept telling my husband it was Green Saturday (just like Black Friday, but for gardeners!) I was determined to wake us all up and be AT the sale and ready by 6:45 am.

Now, this doesn't sound so crazy, except I LOVE sleep. My Little Bug is a good sleeper too! We have kind of given up on crib training right now, because I've been exhausted and I've also been cherishing our special time cuddling while he's still "small." So, since he co-sleeps with me 1/2 the night, he sleeps good and sleeps 'til about 7-7:30 everyday. We like to sleep in.

I set my alarm and woke prior to it going off, at a super-early-for-us 6:21 am. Then, went back to sleep until 6:32. Hubby came and woke us up. We were ready, coffee-in-hand by 6:45 and so we rolled into town a little later than I'd like, at about 7:03. Well, I'm obviously not a Black Friday-er. There were 20 old people already there! It was a zoo! I must mention, the town is about 600 people, so for 20 folks to be up and about by 7 a.m. is quite impressive, since nothing opens until AT LEAST 8 a.m. on a Saturday!

Thankfully, there were many plants of each variety, so we made off with $40 worth of plants. At our local greenhouses, that would be about 3 plants. Granted, the greenhouse ones always live and do quite well for me, but that's crazy expensive! So today, we got 17 plants, including:

Chinese Lantern
Our Lady's Mantle
Bronze, Yellow, & Orange Dwarf Irises
Shasta Daisy
Creeping Jenny
Brown-eyed Susan
Creeping Geranium
3 tomatoes

WOW!! What a haul, right? I was super pleased

What made it really cool was the old lady running the event, Ruth, remembered me! I spoke to last year about the crushing blow of having my Chinese Lantern bought moments before my arrival, and she said she'd get me one. I didn't even remember this conversation until I talked to her again this year. She specially dug one and brought it in the hopes of me coming to the sale this year! Now, I had already purchased a small one from a lady that does really inexpensive slips from her garden regularly as a side-business (she's like 80 and so sweet) but I felt really honored that Ruth had remembered me, so I bought a 2nd one for our cabin. It actually looks healthier than the first, so I'm stoked! *My grandmother, Lily, who just passed away in April had Chinese Lanterns, and I have super vivid memories as a child playing around them and thinking of them as "butterfly houses." I wanted a slip from her garden, but waited too long, and they had died out prior to my searching for them 2 years ago.* So, these plants mean a lot to me.

Ruth also asked me if I'd like to be a member of the club. It is a bit intimidating, as the other members are all about 40 years older than me, but I'm eager to learn. I also aspire to have a small driveway-sale type operation of my own perennial slips and garden veggies, free-range eggs, etc. Right now, we sell leeches and eggs. Awesome combo, right? The leeches are for fishing--just in case you were wondering!

Okay, so after that segue, (I told you it was a long one!) I really felt super happy today. Me, Hubs & Little Bug spent the entire morning TOGETHER. We purchased, planted, made breakfast, and planted some more as a family. And, fittingly, as a family by 2 p.m. we were all super tired from all of the sun and fresh air, and the early day. Around 5 p.m. I hit the wall and we all napped. Dad napped on the couch, I put Bug in the crib, and I napped in the chair. I woke suddenly 20 minutes later and panicked--I was like "where is the baby!" Forgetting that I had put him in the crib, I had a heart-pounding few seconds! Then, the baby woke. So, I went upstairs, put him in the bed, and climbed in too.

Enter Rip Van Winkle. We woke up at 7:30. Now, this is normally approaching bedtime. But, I knew it wouldn't happen tonight, so Bug ended up staying up 'til 10 p.m. I felt kind of bad about that, but that's how it worked out. Now, it's late and I'm awake. Catch up time. But, that was our wonderful day. Nothing sparkly, no glam or glitz or even anything remarkable--except to us. For our family, it was a perfect day.

Have you recently had a perfect day? Do you enjoy the simple things with your family? What makes a perfect day for you?


  1. I love it! I'm a perennial fanatic and have been thinking about joining the local garden club but the same thing here where all the members are WAY older than me- this totally inspires me to go join our local club! I've been selling starts from my gardens at our local market in addition to my creations and it is SO much fun chatting with other gardeners even if most of them are 3x my age!

    1. It's actually kind of fun to hang out with all older folks! They just think your so funny and cute--a hoot I think they called me! Ha! I think it's fun! You should do it!!!

  2. that's so amazing! don't you just love that?! the service is great and you get WAAY more plants than if you bought them elsewhere! i love our local sales too!