Summer Blog Challenge Catch-up!!!

Okay....I've been really bad at this challenge!! But, the reason I joined this challenge is because it's pressure-free. So, it's now June 13th, lets do a little catch up, just cuz some of the post prompts are fun!!! (I've been catching up from a cyber hiatus -- including a crash of my computer and a 4-day stint at my mamas, where there is a virus-ridden super slow computer.)

June 8th

My favorite guilty pleasure has to be TV. Not just TV, but dorky TV. I LOVE Nat'l Geographic and all sorts of nature-inspired films (I can watch Planet Earth episodes over and over.) I also really like certain sitcoms/series, including Gilmore Girls, Sex & the City and Northern Exposure. I get absorbed in the plots and it's like an escape. But, it's a rare escape, since my boy NEVER naps.

June 9th

I can't think of a big cooking disaster, I don't even know if I've had a giant one, but this one is comical. I was just starting to date my now-husband, and I was living in a really rustic cabin about 20 miles out of town. I was still in an extreme bachelorette phase, so tuna fish sandwiches were pretty gourmet for me! I decided to cook for him one evening, and so I made spaghetti. Really fancy, right? Well, for me, it was. I specially purchased all sorts of fresh veggies, including peppers, broccoli, onions, and celery for the sauce. Now, normally I eat just plain old noodles with parmesean cheese, so I have NO experience with sauce-making. I didn't even make it completely from scratch, I bought a jar and was going to spice it up with the veggies and seasonings. So, I cooked the noodles. I made toast and sprinkled garlic salt on it. I made some fatty lush salads. I heated up the sauce and threw in the veggies that i had chopped up. We ate. He said it was good. I'd never really cooked for someone before (not as a date type scenario, just other girlfriends, roommates, etc.) He never said a word to me until we were dating for a few years about my raw-veggie spaghetti sauce. I asked him what he meant, and he informed me that the veggies were so crunchy in my sauce--I didn't even think about cooking them or at least saute-ing them before putting them in! Apparently, one should not lead with a dish they themselves do not eat. :)

June 10th

I would love to have a giant stained-glass piece done by a friend of mine in Alaska. It would feature fireweed and birds and water. I'm sure it would cost thousands, and it would be a real bugger to dust, but I would want it to be a very large piece, suspended around the perimeter of my living room/dining room. And, it wouldn't be a window, but more of a mural. Creating a sense of motion through the water. A girl can dream, right?

June 11th

I cannot think of the best day of my life. I don't even know if I've had just one. I know that having my boy was one. Becoming a wildlife biologist was another. Surfing. Several dates were great days. Some happened before I met my husband, before I was a mother, some after. Too hard!!! Next prompt!

June 12th

The worst injury I've had is cracked & bruised ribs. I was in a rollover when I was about 16 and it was just in time for deer season, so climbing into my deer stand was nearly impossible. I had to play dodgeball in phys. ed. and can remember wincing every time I "dodged." It took forever to heal and there was nothing the doctors could do for me!!

June 13th

The optimistic me sees myself about 30 lbs lighter and starting my 2nd pregnancy fit and healthy. I also see a potty-trained toddler! I see a trip to Vegas or Florida to warm up around the New Year and our family cozy in our new home. The more realistic me sees maybe 10 lbs. lighter, probably pregnant with a case of Gestational Diabetes again, maybe in the process of potty training, and still living in our current home but still looking for a new one, and maybe still an impromptu trip somewhere cheap and warm!!

THERE!!! All up to speed and I had fun doing a quick and dirty posting!


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