Summer Blog Challenge: Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Short and sweet for this one.

I used to say I didn't even know if I'd have kids. Then, we had one! I still like to keep the ADVENTURE alive in our lives and kids just seems to make that easy! But, life is all about ADVENTURE for me. The ADVENTURE has just shifted a bit. So instead of ADVENTURES of firefighting, traveling, dating, partying, napping, and all of the other crazy things I used to live out, my life is now all about the ADVENTURES OF MOMMYHOOD.

I have a super outdoorsy themed life and that includes my duties as a mama. So, the name seemed fitting. When I started "blogging" it was more of just a virtual diary for me, so I didn't ever think it would be read...ever! So, I wasn't at all worried about the URL or much about the title being unique, etc. It did not occur to me that my URL being taken would mean that another blog out there had the same name. So, instead of thinking of a different title, I just added one of my nicknames to the front. Voila. mamanda-adventuresofmommyhood.

Mamanda is a conjunction of Mama and Amanda, which I was given during my firefighting days. I was a squad boss of 5-10 other people, generally new firefighters and mostly guys. So, I was always being the mother hen. "Do you have your lunch?" "Everyone make sure to drink a lot of water today!" "Don't over exert yourself doing this project work, it's a good fire day so you want to have some energy left for the big one!" And on, and on. Thus, Mamanda was created. And it stuck.


  1. thats fun! i used to be an emt for the fire dept! a lot of fun! i hope to work it into my life again once thigns settle down for my family!

  2. Mommyhood is definitely an adventure!