Summer #BlogChallenge Short Catch Up 16-18

Happy Monday Blog Challengers and Readers!! We were camping for our 1st ANNIVERSARY this past weekend, so I've been negligent and am doing turbo-catch up, since we are going camping AGAIN this weekend for a Solstice festival!!

Okay here is my 3-day blog catch up, and the linky for you to read about the other bloggers participating!!

June 16

I really like this post. I'm a couch potato with a deep desire to get back in shape. I'm actually a couch potato on a rollercoaster love affair with fitness. I talk about this a lot, so it may sound repetitive to many of you that regularly read, but, I was super fit about 2 years ago when I was a wildlife biologist, scaling Alaskan mountains in search of the elusive Northern goshawk. And other cool animals, birds, and plants. I also worked out at least a 1/2 hr everyday. Well, probably only 4-5 times each week, but for me that was dang near every day, so it counts.

Then I quit my job and moved home to marry my boyfriend and be close to family.

Then I taught at a preschool where they serve breakfast & lunch (and you eat with the children at a family-style dinner table).

Then, I took a desk job dispatching--not just any desk job, but a desk job where your bathroom and lunch breaks are the only times you get up from your desk, so as to not miss a radio call! (Oh, and did I mention that job had a "bait station?" -- A table filled & replenished often with all kinds of foods, rarely healthy to graze at all day...)

Then, I got pregnant. And, all this time since I moved home, I am living in a farmhouse 26 miles from town, so going to the gym everyday is not cost effective and I cannot seem to workout in my home diligently. Enter gestational diabetes.

Now, I am 50 lbs heavier than what "feels good" for my frame--BMI be damned. I just like the way I felt in my skin when I weighed XXX, 50 lbs ago. I am also heavier than I ever thought I'd ever be while un-pregnant. And, I want to conceive again soon, so we need to ditch @ least 30 lbs before I'm comfortable doing so. I need to get off my duff---NOW!

I also used to be a firefighter. Now I don't know if I could pass the fitness test to qualify! HOW DOES ONE GET INTO THIS MESS?! I really think since I don't drink (2 or 3 beers in the last year) and don't smoke (quit cold turkey 3 years ago) that I am addicted to junk food. I LOVE sweets. Like last week there was a day that I ate 3 doughnuts and 2 pieces of cake!!!!!!!! Are you kidding? What was I thinking?

So, I said I'd get through the camping weekend and then really crack down on my life. During the weekend I think my blood sugar tanked after I powered out a paddle around the lake in my kayak---so, I know I am probably pre-diabetic. Not cool. Changing effective immediately! Not just for me, but for my little boy too.

There you have it. Couch potato to 5k in 3 months. Starting now. I said starting in April, but I'm fashionably late. Except you CAN'T be fashionably late with your health. Especially not with diabetes. My paternal genes predispose me to the disease and the GD during pregnancy didn't help. But I CAN deter it from happening by being healthy.

June 17th

3 Things I Like About My Personality:

I like that I am a word-bird-nerd. = I use odd words, love birds and am a total nerd.

I like that I am adventurous.

I like that I am a controlled chaos person.

June 18th - Happy Anniversary to me & hubs!!!

A recipe I LOVE:

Cheesy Wildrice Hotdish

2 Cups cooked REAL not Patty Wild Rice
4 Cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 Can Each of: Cheddar Cheese soup, Cr. Mushroom soup, Beef Broth
1 Can mushrooms (or fresh)
1 lb sausage (or amt to taste)

Mix soups & 2 Cups of cheese, mushrooms, & rice together in large bowl. Add mixture to casserole (fill 1/2 of the mixture into the dish) then add a 1 cup layer of cheese. Add the rest of the mixture. Top with the remaining cup of cheese. Bake @ 350 degrees for about 45 mins. Serves 8-10.



  1. You are so funny.... :)
    Hope you had a fun camping trip!

    1. Thanks Kim! :) Travel safe 2 you too!