Top 5 Series for Young Couples to Enjoy Together

Okay me and hubby have logged many hours of television together during blizzards and late nights. We even co-watched a series "together" while in the Long-Distance phase of our relationship. Here are the ones that really kept us conversing with each other, laughing, and coming back for more.

*After much consideration, I've ammended the list to top 10!*
10. Boy Meets World/Home Improvement TIE!! Oldies, but goodies! Isn't it CRAZY seeing these on Nick at Nite and TVLand instead of I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke show??? When did I get old?!?

9. The Big Bang Theory

8. Two Broke Girls

7. Yes, Dear

6. King of Queens

5. Friends - Tried and true, the old stand-by for our generation. Comedy + Drama + Great Talent Line-up. Unless you are a Seinfeld fan, you likely love Friends.

4. How I Met Your Mother - I would say this is kind of the modern-day Friends. Great line-up of actors, fun story-lines, and really excellent writing and word play.

3. Gilmore Girls - Even though this is more of an on-going chick-flick, it has awesome humor and really is quite clever. My husband would never admit it, but I catch him tuning in occasionally when I have it on. Really sad this one is no longer on too! I haven't tuned into Bunheads but it's the same writers, so maybe it will hook me!

2. Men In Trees - This show was so quirky. I thought it was going to be a modern-day revival of Northern Exposure (but opposite) and it really was headed that way. However, ABC jockeyed the time slot around so many times I don't think even Grey's Anatomy would have survived! It only lasted 2 seasons I think, and I was so crushed when it didn't come back!

1. Northern Exposure - Hands down the BEST sitcom series that network TV has ever offered. Watch all the seasons and then reflect on the fact that it was the 90's--the show pushed the political correctness boundary for the time like Family Guy and South Park do today. Chris in the morning would be on my radio everyday if I were in Cicely, AK. This is actually the series we "co-watched" while I was in Alaska and away from my guy. It was actually a really fun way to have SOMETHING to still be able to talk about jointly.

There you have it. I highly recommend going and buying Northern Exposure. The full series. It will get worn out. We don't even watch that much TV in this house, but we know what we like!


  1. My husband and I LOVE Friends! We watch it every time we catch it on tv :)

  2. I never did watch Men In Trees, but I remember wanting to! I'm sad it got cancelled before I got a chance! This is a great list. I also love watching cooking shows with my hubby.

  3. My husband and I still sit and spend time watching Friends (We have the entire series on DVD). I would also suggest Mad About You! We're into that on Netflix right now.

  4. I haven't watched any of these shows, sad I know.... my hubby and I like reality Tv shows :)

  5. We always have a good laugh watching Friends and How I met your mother. We are are also always looking for new series, so thanks for the suggestions.

  6. Wow! I wrote this late last night & what a response! Glad to share & thanks for the suggestions all!

  7. I used to watch Northern Exposure all the time with my Dad when I was little. I haven't seen it in AGES though! And I used to watch Gilmore Girls with my dormmates in college - it was our ritual that we'd squee over weekly. We'd hit the grocery store and grab a pack of wine coolers and popcorn and have ourselves a great night :)

    My husband and I currently watch Big Bang Theory (not on the list, but a hilarious show nonetheless :) ) - we enjoy the nerd humor and find it easy to pick up on if a random episode is on.

  8. Love those golden oldies like Boy Meets World:) My hubby and I also enjoy Modern Family.

  9. DH & I also love to watch How I Met Your Mother. I love how Lily and Marshal were pregnant at the same time as I was pregnant with my second, so it was really pertinent to our lives and very funny. We really got into Heroes in its first season and stayed up until 5 in the morning once because we j-u-s-t couldn't t-u-r-n i-t o-f-f LOL