WAHM-ie Panties!!! Review and Giveaway

Hello everyone! To say adios to May and aloha to June, I am posting this awesome giveaway a day early! :) WAHMie Panties is an up-and-coming awesomely Minnesotan WAHM-created small business. This friendly mama specialized in very reasonably priced soakers, longies, shorties and pj pants. Take a look at her Facebook site! There are so many ADORABLE prints and styles that she has already created! Want a ruffle? No problem? Outdoorsy folks like us? She's got ya covered!

*How It All Shakes Out*
Quality: 5
User-friendliness: 4.5
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 4
When All Is Said & Done: 4.5

Here is my bundle that I got pretty much after I put in the order and then blinked. She is wicked fast with making, shipping, and has pretty amazing customer service!


Here is a shot of the pants/longies that Colleen made for Little Bug--totally feelin' the outdoors vibe! The quality of WAHM-ie Panties is super. I love how comfy my little guy is while wearing these duds! We used them for day, night, and as pj/warmies with a diaper underneath and he was really comfortable in each situation. The seams and stitching are really sturdy, measurements are accurate, and the fleece material used is very soft and a good thickness.

Daytime use was awesome. These longies worked as a diaper cover and were as effective as any other fleece cover on the market, in my opinion. They have been particularly lovely during our rainy, wet spring--warm, snuggly longies in the morning over a cloth diaper makes the kiddo happy and dry! So, I gave them a deserved 5. Night-time, as always is an issue for us with very few materials doing the trick, we had a few leaks but nothing major and if I stuff and stuff and stuff a fitted pocket, no matter what the cover we stay dry. So, often it is the "underneath" fluff that makes the difference for us at night. These are pretty good, but since they aren't dry 100% of the time, and like most night-time trials, they get a 4. However, they are super versatile, and can be simple jams, so for that they get a 5, along with the daytime use!

Now, as for the *specs* for sizing, you can visit the WAHM-ie Panties Facebook page and choose the "About" tab for all the details. The pair that Colleen made for me are XL. They fit my son REALLY well! They are a little big in the waist, but I felt that I'd rather have room to grow than only get to use them a short time, so I went a tad bigger. He is 31" tall and about 25 lbs. The user-friendliness was really good. Pull up over a diaper and you're done. I think a bit of elastic would make the longevity of these longies a little bit longer. As they are, they will fit my boy for quite a while, but elastic might make them easier to pull over the really large, poofy diapers on the market. For trim diapers underneath, or if you just use them as jams, they are great.

Overall, WAHM-ie Panties get a commendable 4.5 from us here at Adventures of Mommyhood. The customer service is great, the quality and comfort shine through. Night-time is always a struggle for a lot of people and that is usually only cured by experimentation or potty-training!!! My last suggestion for Colleen would be to get some fun, custom tags, so that when people sport WAHM-ie Panties, the tags shout it from the rooftops! 

You too can have cozy bottoms on your kiddos! Visit WAHM-ie Panties on Facebook to submit your custom order, contact Colleen, look through her gallery of finished orders, and more!!

You can also try to WIN a soaker!

Now it's your turn to win! One reader will get a WAHM-ie Panties soaker--print of your choice, courtesy of Colleen at WAHM-ie Panties! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below! This giveaway is open to the US & Canada! Good luck! And, stop on over to WAHM-ie Panties, tell Colleen that Adventures of Mommyhood sent you, and give her a big Thank You for the giveaway!



  1. I'd love to see a pair of monster-print longies!

  2. I like the daisies turtles and butterflies..

  3. I'd love to see monkeys or puppies!

  4. Space, rockets or planets or aliens or something like that

  5. Monkeys would be great. I call my little man my monkey butt :)

  6. I would love to see dolphins.

  7. I would love to see cows, but there are already some really cute prints!

    Bekah Kuczenski

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  9. I would love to see some that are more unisex. or Capri type pants in between shorties and longies.

  10. Geckos in Longies or shorties!
    sophieandmomma at gmail dot com