Workin' Mama with a new Laptop!! #MMM 15

Manic Mommy Monday!

This is really a ritualistic posting that I LOVE in spite of my hate for obligations on Mondays. It's like rounding up all of my thoughts from the prior week and sharing the highlights! So, thanks Lori! I really appreciate the link up!!

I've got to say, it WAS a Manic Mommy Monday, but a relaxed one! Oxymoron, right? So, last week I was in training all week. I had to pick out clothes to wear in public, I was compelled to shower daily and put on make up. I was really anxious the first day, and ended up "that kid," sitting in class 20 minutes before it started. I HAD A BLAST!! It was so fun to see old work friends and meet new ones! It was also super fun because as it turned out, I was really quite good at it! I was even sad when the week ended. I did miss my boy at home, but it was an awesome mommy vacation, and BONUS....I ended up getting paid for every hour I was there! Wahoo!

I was actually a bit tired every night after training, waking up about an hour earlier than normal, driving, lots of computer work & stressful scenarios simulations, etc. I didn't do much blogging or emailing or Facebooking last week. On Friday, my mom sat with Bug and when I got home, we headed up north, 1 1/2 hours to their house for the weekend. Saturday I drove 3 hours to be at my friends (and Bugs' godmother) baby shower. I met Hubs for a quick lunch and some high-school style canoodling, then went to the shower. Promptly after the shower, I drove 3 hours back to my folks' house. That pretty much took care of the day. Other than searching every grocery store on the way home Ranier cherries to no avail, buying 10 take-out freezer pepperoni pizzas for my little brother, and a box of hair highlights, it was uneventful.

I tried to install the programs and make my new laptop work. Didn't work out well. Every line in the user guide was followed by "if you fail to do this correctly, your computer may be rendered unusable and will need to be repaired." Too much pressure, I called my buddy from dispatch who is the smartest computer hacker-type kid I know and I will be bringing everything to him tomorrow. Hopefully, I didn't screw it up already!

Sunday I had another friends bridal shower. It was a Pampered Chef party, and I ended up spending $50 more than I had planned. I WILL be making a homemade cheesecake with my new Spring Form pan though!! Maybe I'll even get to stir something with my new flat spiral whisk! Small indulgences....gotta love them! My friend looked totally beautiful, after 2 kiddos she is fit as a fiddle and has great hair and skin. She is kind of a super mom. And I love that she is real. She admits when her kids are being brats (and when they're being loves, too.) Love her. I thought if was a really fun idea to do a Pampered Chef party. My aunt-in-law threw me a shower at their church for our wedding, so none of my friends really came, so it was fun to do something in my hometown with all my high school girlie friends and my mom. [Grandpa had Bug for less than 2 hours!!] When I got home, the baby was happy, but had a poopy diaper. I have no idea if it was poopy for all 120 minutes, but I have my suspicions. Oh, grandpas!

I generally leave my 'rents house on Sunday afternoons, but I was wiped after all the showering. Plus, I still needed my hair done. My mom was less than jacked to try home-highlighting, but I was not about to sit for 3 hours to full-foil my feet upon feet of Rapunzel locks and pay out the wazoo to do so. I used to drop that for my hair every few months, now, I pay $13 for haircuts every 4-6 months, home-highlight every few months, and model for friends that need practice for classes. I was really going to splurge and get it done in a salon, but somehow I remember it taking like 1 1/2 hrs...not 3!!! I did not plan enough babysitter time into my day, so box-o-blue dye will have to do for the 'do! It turned out pretty good. Lightened it up, like I wanted, so mission accomplished. Thanks mom!

Finally, today, on the dawn of my manic Monday, I decided to bag out on my plans to leave early for a morning baby snooze and let Bug sleep on top of me while I watched Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2 on the couch. We visited with granny on her lunch break and then finally departed. The house was clean when I got home and Hubs saved me a brownie! :) Now, my boy is sleeping sound, my hubby is outside, and I'm catching up on a WEEK of backlogged cyber to-dos. Thank you, THANK YOU for being patient with me! I'm sorry for all the craziness, BUT, my new blog design is pretty cool, right?

Happy Monday!!!


  1. You're quite welcome and I'm digging the new look!

  2. “Every line in the user guide was followed by "if you fail to do this correctly, your computer may be rendered unusable and will need to be repaired.””--- Well, you’ll absolutely get pressured with this. Haha. I remember the first time I bought a laptop. I was so scared then, so I asked my computer expert friend to help me. Haha. It’s better to have someone to guide you, so that you are sure that you’re doing the right thing! ;)

    Benita Bolland

  3. @Benita: Yeah, you better ask for the help of other people who are experts when it comes to this. It would really be devastating if your laptop gets in trouble the first time you use it! Tsk tsk!!

    Ruby Badcoe