CANADA DAY EXTRAVAGANZA - Sponsor Spotlight & Review - Raffi

For those of you that haven't heard, Raffi is an amazing kids' performer/singer/songwriter that is very proudly Canadian! Perhaps his most famous song is "Baby Beluga" -- which is actually what we called my son for a few months when he was pale as a ghost and such a BIG boy!

Millions know Raffi for his work as an entertainer but a very admirable and fascinating bit about Raffi his commitment to child-honouring. He founded his own record label called Troubadour. Since 1997 he has been developing a focus on "Child Honoring." To read in-depth about the philosophy of Child Honoring--respecting the earth and the child, please visit this website for more! He wrote a Covenant about Child Honoring and has edited a book published in 2006 on the topic as well.

It's great to see a children's entertainer and mentor that is not all about the $$$ of all the marketing that revolves around our children. He is also a supporter of limiting television time for kids and because of this has apparently turned down some pretty major deals. When folks say NO in the face of money, it makes you realize they are in it for the cause and not the resulting fame/fortune! Pretty awesome--I can't honestly say that I'd say NO to some of those things!

In 2010, Raffi founded the Centre for Child Honouring on Salt Spring Island in Canada. There they advocate for an "ecological worldview, a paradigm shift in the way we think and make decisions that affect our children’s world today and the world they will inherit."  Child honoring is an option for schools to look into as well!

The CD's that we've been playing around the house and the ones you'll have a chance to win are The Best of Raffi and Evergreen Everblue. Little Bug LOVES TO DANCE! But he really loves it when a song has a good beat! Baby Beluga is still my favorite and is included on the 'Best of' CD. Evergreen Everblue has a good message but isn't quite as catchy, in my humble opinion. But, at 15 months music is music and I love having positive music geared toward kids playing throughout the day.

You can find ALL of Raffi's music, videos, and books by visiting his website. You can also try to win a copy of both CDs that I mentioned above in the Canada Day Extravaganza!! Stop by Raffi's Facebook page and say thanks for the great work in child honoring and thanks for the giveaway sponsorship! Wish him a Happy Canada Day and tell him Adventures of Mommyhood sent you!


  1. C-A-N-A-D-A! Its on YouTube and its great, Happy Canada long everyone!

  2. My favorite has always been Baby Beluga, it is one I could stand to listen to over and over.

  3. I love Raffi. He really understands children!