Getting ITunes to Start #Running

So, here is a bit of my CURRENT playlist:

1. Gold Digger
2. Boondocks
3. *This One Is Embarrassing* "Get Naked" - Tommy Lee
4. "Brand New Skates" - Melanie
5. "Poker Face" - Lady Gaga

SO, not only do I have MOLDY oldies on my MP3 player, that's right, no Ipod here. I also have not updated any new songs since 2008 -- the Lady Gaga song came from a friend. So, I'm breaking down, I'm getting ITunes. My husband is going to think running is a million dollar investment! Haha! Between shoes, clothes, music, race entries......

Oh well. It's worth it. I'm worth it! :) Right? Right.

What do you run to? Recommendations?
I'm taking requests now.
Do you want me to try running to a favorite training song of yours?
Comment and I'll see what I can do!


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