Manic Mommy Monday 19!!! Crispy Critter & Travel Flurry!

Manic Mommy Monday!

Okay, I'm getting a jump on the week and writing this Sunday night. The baby just went down and I'm WIPED, so we'll see if I can make coherent thoughts into readable sentences! I put on SPF 50 today at about 1pm and was out and about until 5:30 pm. Burnt. Not terribly but burnt.

I saw Darryl Singletary in an hour long street concert, ate dinner with my parents, let my boy have some park time with grandma, and watched a LONG but great parade today. We slept in until 9am, but as wonderful as that sounds, it made up for the chaos between 2-5am. Bug decided to wake up and make me sleep with him around 2. But he kept sitting upright, saying "Mama" or "Kitty" or just singing or crying---making ANY noise he could. Then he'd kick me and swat me as he flailed around, getting comfortable. I had to stay awake enough to grab him if he decided to superman over the side of the bed, in spite of the pillow barricade. Bah! I think it might be due to teething? He never does weird sleep stuff...

Hubby thinks he'll be going on a 2 month promotional detail, which means lots of travel back and forth and camping for us! It also means a change of scenery and some hiking adventures for us while dad is working! The downside is that I got called today to go to the Mark Twain National Forest for dispatching. That detail would have been a sweet chunk of change, and I LOVE traveling for fire assignments--that's how I've seen half of the country--but I just can't leave my boy! Not only is it a logistical nightmare, he's only 16 months old! And still at least partially breastfeeding. So, I said no. There is always next time. Then, my sister-in-law is going to Africa for the 2nd summer in a row for her Master's--and this time, my dear husband says "I'd totally fly you out there for a week or so." Way to tear at my wanderlust heartstrings, babe! I would LOVE to check off another country and continent on my travel list--but again, the baby..... I know I will probably never again get a chance to go to Africa. But I just don't want to throw away our precious time breastfeeding and cuddling at night -- I guess I'm afraid I'd get back after one week and maybe Bug would have moved on from mommy needs! We were apart for a week for the training in June, but we were still together at night and still breastfed 2 times each day. Gollygosh I have no idea what to do!

We are trying a new budgeting tactic--with the help of Excel. I had tried to keep MY expenses (including gasoline, groceries for the household for the month, and FUN money) under $500 each month. Well, I doubled that last month, and not only was I unsure of where it went, hubby was not happy either! So, I'm going to try to reign it in with the accountability tactic, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to have to go to cash. Paying for groceries with cash scares the crap out of me! It will take so much longer figuring and estimating before going to the register! I would be mortified if I didn't have enough money when I got all rung up! $10 here and there adds up so fast, and usually my mental running tally works way better! I'm so ashamed that I spent so much money! But, I do know I didn't buy anything major. So, other than 4 shower gifts and a benefit check for my uncle, I didn't have any oddball expenses that I know of. Crazy how much life costs these days, eh?

Welp, I think that's the weekly round up! Other than the fact that melons, peas, berries and all of mother nature's goodness is in full peak loveliness now!! Loving it! HAPPY MONDAY!


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