Manic Mommy Monday!

GAHHHHH! This is my 3rd post for todays MMM. How typical! Ha! I have typed up and deleted 2 FULL posts already. This is my third and final try. Geeze!

We are up north at my mom and dads. Visiting the "Greats." (Proper noun) - relatives, though they deserve the "great" description (adjective) as well.

I as you know got a new laptop--REALLY sensitive touchpad settings and it is causing me to lose my work and type weird letters in the middle of other sentences because I move the mouse accidentally. GRRRR!

My Chaco tan is coming along, which makes me happy. This is the only summer other than the time I spent in Costa Rica bumming around, when I've had a Chaco tan...picture to come...

Our Words at this point include: Fish (eesh), Please (geeze), Thank You (tan que), Cheese (gcheeze), Squirrel (quirro), duck, chicken (chick chick or buck buck) puppy, woof, uh-oh, mama, dada, kitty.
My glucose test came back great. No Diabetes yet. I've been biking 4 miles everyday and Bug LOVES it. If it weren't so hot, I'd run. But, it's HOT.
Since it's HOT (Canadian Border standards, not elsewhere in the world) we have a little pool set up on the deck. Filled with water from the hose. My parents live in town, and we haven't put anything into the pool except water--there are LEECHES! Seriously--baby leeches. Like 3 of the little guys, they were about a centimeter or less in size, and were actively seeking out blood. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? Has anyone else had this happen? Will birds drop them in? I have no idea. So, I fished them all out and now I'm baffled. It's not like it's lake water!!!

Speaking of fishing, my little boy is ADDICTED to his fishing pole! He wakes up and says "sheesh, sheesh!" It's like a blanket or stuffie the way he's attached to it. But not just that pole ANY pole, so that's at least reassuring. I can just replace it and have a few stashed about for him. We like icefishing poles for him, since they're shorter than even "Snoopy" poles.

My parents just took Bug for a walk. Thank goodness. I've been trying to get a little work done for a week! So, Happy Monday to all! I am off to type like I've never typed before. Or nap. I could really use a nap! Have a great week! *Ps* If you see weird errors, it's because I still haven't figured out the touchpad thing. I'm working on it!

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  1. I kept doing the same thing when I got my new laptop. :/ I had to consciously keep my thumbs up (lol) while typing for about a week before it started getting better. It's especially annoying if you're a fast typer...I can type about 55-65wpm. Good luck!