MMM 20 - The Budget Tanked

Manic Mommy Monday!

I'm have SOOO much trouble budgeting!! I try to do $500 for gas, groceries, and fun money/life expenses. The only thing that isn't in that amount is phone bill, internet, and tuition bills. Otherwise, it all comes out of that pot. And, the pot is anything but bottomless. In fact, since I've spent it now, and we are barely half way through the month, I feel as if I do not have a pot to pee in sometimes! Ugh!!

How does everyone else do it? I did meal planning. I stuck to my list. I use coupons. It's just not a sustainable amount of money for me!! Grrr!!

In other news, I am getting my new running shoes---FINALLY sometime this week. I've been biking consistently each night, 4 miles. But, as soon as those shoes come, it's ON!! Not having running shoes was what I attributed to my NOT running. We all know that's only about 15% of the problem--the rest is my own personal procrastination and laziness! But, I don't want to be the chubba wubba mama anymore. I'd LOVE to feel amazing again. So, no more excuses. I've got a new running/training plan, and I'm doing it slow and steady.

It's also been HOT, HOT, HOT! We are NOT used to more than 4-5 days each summer that hover around 90 degrees, especially when they are also at about 90% relative humidity. Ugh. I REALLY hope that the weather breaks for running, or I will be doing it at about 4am.

I'm cooking my husbands birthday dinner. Ribs. His fave. And, after I got it in the over at 175 degrees, cooking it ALL DAY mind you, and it hit 87 degrees outside today, he called to say he is working until 9pm. Happy Birthday! :( I'm also making a homemade cheesecake--great for the weight loss!!

I hope all of you are having a super fantastic Monday! Mine wasn't THAT bad!!


  1. How disappointing to deal with all the heat of making his favorite meal and then he has to work late. This is something that my dad did so frequently that my mom stopped making his favorite meal for his birthday and we would make it up camping when there was no way he could miss it because of working overtime. On his birthday she would make a strawberry rhubarb pie because it would keep for a few days if needed due to his work schedule

  2. Yum, ribs and cheesecake... What a great birthday meal!