Okay, Here come the shin splints.

I know I've been spouting about running again. Guess what? I've had exactly 4 runs this summer. They were spaced far enough apart that each time it was like starting over. Each time, the shin splints came the next day, without fail.

I STILL haven't gotten new running shoes. I REALLY want to get a pair of new Mizunos. I like the Wave Runners but have my heart set on Wave Prophecy's because I'm a "heavy plodder."

I recently looked into a few meal replacement shakes with a friend, but honestly, the program cost MORE than the $200 shoes I want, so I held out for the shoes. It sounds silly, but I think having new kicks is such great motivation to run!!

Plus, my old Mizunos have SO MANY miles on them! They are from my college volleyball days back in 2003!!! Yikes! Not only that, but another sad fact is that I wear them for Zumba, running, and other fitness/lifting--so they are more than ready to be retired.

Welp, today, though I still haven't coughed up money for new shoes, I'm starting a training plan. I've been biking for 2 weeks to "warm up" my muscles slowly, and I'm planning a summer of fun--couch to 5k to 1/2 marathon. Here I come.

Wish me luck. Tell me your motivation. Anything is encouraging and appreciated. I've never been this heavy and I've never gone this long without running, so I need all the help I can get. But truly, my soul is yearning to run!


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