Strawberries & Crab --Oh, my!

Hey all!

We had an AMAZING crab feast last night at a local restaurant for our ONE YEAR!! anninversary--a month late! Our toddler is normally pretty busy in the restaurants when we go out to eat, so we assumed that we were embarking on a really insane endeavor--all you can eat crab with a 15 month old...

He was an angel! It must have been entertained by mama and daddy stuffing their faces with crab legs! He sure didn't care for it himself, but we do know he's not allergic to shellfish! This is the first time since I was about 8 months pregnant that we went out for crab! Yum!

Now this morning, we are setting off for another cool adventure -- strawberry picking! The season is almost over here, so I'm so happy we were able to find a place and get in--so tonight or tomorrow night will be busy with making jam! Our Little Bug LOVES (like is kind of weirdly addicted to) strawberries! It should be really fun to watch him feast with little red fingers and a juicy face! It's going to be a hot one (I really wanted to do it at 8 am) but Hubby has a root canal at 1030!! Yes--I'm apprehensive too, but he insisted that he'll feel fine and that picking strawberries afterward is a great idea! [stay tuned for the post about the sore husband recovery plan! LOL!]

We had a full day of laundry yesterday -- it had been too humid to try and dry clothing on the line and too hot to even think about doing it in the dryer. So, that is how we spent all of yesterday! Playing in the pool and doing load after load. But today, we have clean undies and socks!!

Right now the best thing in the world for the little boy is his fishing pole. He doesn't need a security blanket, or a lovie, or anything like that--nope, he falls asleep with his little Cars fishing pole. So adorable and funny! The first thing he says when he pops up in the morning is "ish, ish, ish"!

Hopefully I'll have some great photos and yummy jam to talk about VERY soon! The Fireweed is also nearly in full bloom, so I'm going to try my luck at some of that jelly soon too!



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