Summer #BlogChallenge - July 20 - I won the Lottery!!!

Going Green with the Grizls

Well, if I won the lottery I would:

1) Pay for college debt that is outstanding

2) Pay off our land

3) Buy our dream home on a lake

4) Buy my parents an RV

5) put away the rest of the money for my son

6) Maybe I'd throw a grand or two to my bro too!

**This is assuming that the pot is LARGE.**

I'd also love to travel, buy new vehicles, and other more frivolous wants, but I had to cover the main stuff first.


  1. I'd do those things too, but first I'd quit my job!

  2. Our #1 is the same, I would also pay off all my student loans ....
    hey, one can dream, right??

  3. I agree first thing is pay off all debt including the house. And then I would buy land and start building our dream home after I have paid off debt and college for the kiddos

  4. Disappointed I missed writing a blog post for this prompt :) its so fun to imagine!