Today's Run with My Old Friends

Today was a slow-start kind of day. I had to bring the jogging stroller and a tyke who was not-so-keen on running with mama today! We went for the 2-mile goal, and we did make it---with 2 stops to find a rock to hold and a few flowers to look at and smell. It's amazing what tiny things help to keep him happy!

We are going to be doing a 4-mile bike stretch this evening too, but wanted to get the run in before we go pick those yummy berries! Incentive! I'd say we ran enough to eat what? Half a gallon!?!? :)

My shoes -- Mizunos -- have carried me from 2003 on the college volleyball team to now. I'm hoping to upgrade and replace them soon, but we'll see how it goes! They have far more miles than one should ever inflict on a shoe! They need to be retired and if they were car tires, I'd be runnin' on rims I think! Replacing shoes is like moving away and saying goodbye to a good friend though! Haha! Does anyone else have that attachment to their kicks?

Well, I hope some of you mamas (and daddies) are getting out there today to have a great run too. Whether you are just starting, training for marathons, or RE-starting like ME!! The best time to start is now! Good luck!


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