5...errr...6 Tips to Keep your Diapers Stink-free

1. RINSE after each use! Don't soak--just rinse out until the water runs clear and then wring and put in your pail, bag, or basket.

2. STRIP once a month (or as needed) - I LOVE RLR for this. I also have a new love, The Laundry Tarts Strip It!

3. INVEST in a diaper sprayer. After the EBF poos, you will appreciate having this tool to combat chunky poo. I've heard liners are great too, but I don't want to put anything crunchy against my sons bum & it's an added cost/waste material. But, it IS an option!

4. SUN!!! The most amazing defense. I have a few stains that the sun hasn't gotten out yet, but I haven't tried THAT hard either. Make sure diapers are at least damp when you hang them out, the sun works better then.

5. NO ADDITIVES! Find a detergent that works for you and stick with it! Fabric softener is lame for diapers. Stain removers don't work as well as the sun and can damage your dipes. Lemon juice is okay according to SOME manufacturers, but only sparingly. 

6. WASH regularly! Okay, I know I said 5, but I've realized that if I just wash every other day, religiously, I get better results than if I wait for that 3rd day (or accidentally don't get to the diaper laundry before bedtime!) This may actually be the most important tip!


  1. This is some great advice! I really appreciate it. I didn't think to rinse them out before putting them in the wet bag. What a great idea! Thanks!

  2. I have never tried sunning my diapers, I need to try this this weekend!

  3. I totally agree, sun is the best diaper treatment. We spray solid waste too - makes the biggest difference! I wash every night, just out of habit, and because we only have 24 inserts and 12 covers.

  4. I'm hoping to use cloth diapers for our second, so I'm bookmarking this :) Thanks for the tips!