Cheribums Diaper Balm Review and Giveaway - Sponsor Spotlight

I'd like to present to you today, for your babies' bum comfort, Cheribums! The maker of this all-natural diaper rash solution is a mama to 5 kiddos of her own, so you can really trust that the product was well-tested!

Cheribums is one of my wonderful sponsors for the Accessorize Your Stash event! So, read all about the bum paste here and then enter to win some on the event post!

Here is what the sample bum paste I received looks like!

I like the smell of the bum paste. It's not perfume-y like Johnson and Johnson or other "brand name" retail baby products. It smells more like shea or cocoa butter. Something very light and subtle. I also really liked that it "glides" on without being too sticky or greasy. 
Ingredients Include: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive OIl, Chamomile, Lavender, Grapseed extract
 Then, when your cloth diapering friends come over, they know what you're using on the bum! I do like squish-tubes better than jars usually, especially at this stage in the game with a wiggly toddler, since it just speeds things up. But, I like the jar because it helps you to not use the paste in excess and you can use it again--to be even more earth friendly! A small amount really goes a long way! I have used only about 1/4 of the paste, using it multiple times each day and I've been using it for about a month!

This is a cloth diaper safe, green all-natural bum paste! A 2 oz. jar of the original Bum Paste is only $5.99 on the Cheribums store website! You can also get a lavender scent that is a 4 oz. jar for $9.99! We really liked this bum paste for mild to moderately red bum issues and for preventative measures like during night-time and naptime. For really bad outbreaks (which are super rare in this household) we still use the old fall-back of Desitin with prefolds and covers. But, for everyday use, a bum paste like Cheribums is especially nice for working with our beloved cloth diapers.
Cheribums carries all sorts of parenthood products! You can find a complete stocking at the Cheribums website by clicking the hyperlink. Not only can you buy great products and support a WAHM, you can also find out about cloth diapers, cloth diaper parties, and other green mama options for all of your adventures in parenting!
So, go straight over right now and BUY some for your babies OR if you can stand to wait and take a gamble, try to WIN some by going to the Accessorize Your Stash event post and entering!


  1. i would love to try a bestbottom blue moon diaper from her store!!

    1. the cheribums bum paste sounds great, too! :D i love love the ingredients- it can be so hard to find truly natural baby care products- and it sounds so silky smooth & absorbable! i love shea butter & coconut oil for body care! thanks for the review! :)

  2. I need a new diaper pail liner. The Planet Wise liners work great!

  3. I have recently tried the bum paste and it works great!! It is one of our favorites!!! We also love that they carry planetwise pail liners. We wish we would have gone with them earlier

  4. I would love to try the Planetwise pail liner

  5. I'd never heard of these products before! Looks great!

  6. I would lov ethe Floral One Size Diaper Cover

  7. Oh, I love the smell of cocoa butter!

  8. They have lots of really cool things! I would love to try this "butt paste" hahah

  9. I would love the strawberry shortcake snap, its so cute!

  10. i'd love to try a bumkins fitted

  11. I have fallen in <3 with Cheribums since being introduced. I love that there is a retailer with Sunbaby diapers so I can try a couple!!



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