Dear Blog

Dear blog,

I'm sorry that you have been neglected for a week. I really meant to write, but here is what kept me from following through:

I've been spending more time cooking and eating healthier.

My Birthday!! -- I went to the 'land of no technology' a.k.a. my parents house for my birthday and was out of the loop for 3 days.

Clogged ducts -- I got hit hard by 3/4 of my breast having clogged ducts, out of nowhere and didn't even feel like sitting at the computer. I also have allergies or a cold, so a raging headache, stuffy nose, cough and body aches on top of the boob pain. Went to the doctor, they ruled out mastitis so far, but said it's just around the corner if this isn't taken care of. It's crazy, one moment I was goin' strong in Zumba, the next, I was complaining of boob pain and cringing at each nursing session. One time I even started to tear up when he latched. OWWWW!!!

My toddler -- my boy is getting so clingy again. I thought we were done with the stranger danger/mommy phase. It's struck again! He disregards "NO" entirely. I haven't felt well for 2 days, so not being as spunky to play with him is showing in his behavior. The weather finally became nice enough to play outside. So, that's where we've been a lot too. (Less strenuous for me and my achey boob to run around outside!)

The Olympics -- I'm an Olympics nut. I LOVE our US beach volleyball gals, May-Treanor and Walsh-Jennings. I also LOVE womens gymnastics, Jordyn Weiber is my fave. Swimming. Yummy wet half-naked men. Rowing. Whitewater. Synchro diving--totally amazing! I just love this 2 week period, so I've been enjoying it fully.

Exercise -- I've been making a point to get out everyday and DO. I generally bike 4-5 miles each night, but I've been doing Zumba again, after a month-long break. I am getting back into running. I actually have "turf toe" from using my old running shoes for Zumba and running--the shoe stops but my toes keep going and run into the end--also a sore spot lately. I got new Mizunos, but sent them back for a 8 1/2!!! I haven't ever worn that size. I think pregnancy and being post-baby fat has flattened out my feet!

The sky and impending rain as we got off the lake during an evening fishing session.

So, that's what's up in my life dear blog of mine. I feel like these are actually GOOD reasons to be away from you, with the exception of the clogged ducts. So I do apologize, but only a little. Because I'm out being me too. So be happy for me. And know, winter is just around the corner and you know that means lots of days and hours of uninterrupted blogging due to cold weather!!


  1. I do not miss dealing with plugged ducts! I developed mastitis with my first and it was not fun.

  2. It is very cool that you have found things to do outside of your blog (and your house)! It is also a huge bonus that you are getting back in to a regular working out routine. And since we don't watch TV in our home I definitely missed the Olympics this time around.

    P.S. I have Fiesta Ware, too! : )

  3. nice to know that I'm not the only one who has life get in the way of the blog!