Herbalife - Nutritious & Delicious!!

Many of you have read about my weight in some way or another if you've followed the blog for any amount of time. Baby weight. Losing weight for my wedding. Weight Watchers. Trying to get back into shape... Many of my posts have common themes. I'm motivated to get active, healthy, and happy again and today, I am going to introduce to you my "Adventures with Herbalife!!" (say that in a cool, throaty radio personality voice, for effect!)

I know a lot of folks have heard of it. Many wonder about the products. More wonder about results. Does it taste good? Is it safe? Can my kiddo drink it? Is it restrictive? Can I eat "normal" while using Herbalife??? All of these questions and more will be answered in the coming weeks.
Just to let you all know right up front -- this isn't like watching an infommercial on TV. I'm not going to tell you the Jessica Simpson or some famous person has had great results, etc. Some people have had amazing results. Obviously, as with any program--whether it is deciding to ride your bike 2 miles each night or having meal replacement shakes or training for a marathon--it takes committment and dedication. So, I'm hoping for getting healthier. It would be really stellar too, if you have been curious about Herbalife, to have you learn some things!

I will be posting a few times a week, telling you about products I'm using and how things are going. I'm not going to do any before/after just yet, since you really aren't going to notice if I lose 3 lbs in a picture!

I also want to take the time to introduce to you, a super friendly and high-energy Herbalife Distributor named Dave Peterson. He's a wealth of information about the product and can hook you up with any information or products you are wondering about. If you use Linked In, you can find Dave there by following this link. He can also help you get started with Great Shape Today (GST)! GST is a really motivational online community, full of people that are on their own Herbalife adventures. To purchase Herbalife products, Dave can help you out and help to personalize the products that might best suit your goals. He was super helpful to me and was really fun to chat with on the phone. I like having Dave in my corner, since I can tell he is really passionate about helping people attain healthy lives with the nutrition tools he has personal experience with.

Having a support system is a major part of weight loss and sustainable health, so this is a huge asset to my program. You can read other peoples' stories and also chronicle your own. It's also where you can contact Dave! You can follow Dave on twitter by clicking here. In case you are feeling really inspired and adventurous, Dave can even help you start your own Herbalife business. Since we are all slaves to Facebook these days, you can find Dave there too and "Like" his page by clicking here.

So, I hope you will "join" in my journey. As I said, I will be posting a few times each week, highlighting some products, letting you know what I like, what tastes good, etc. I'd love comments, questions and stories you might have! There may also be some fun ahead--especially for super-interactive readers!! :) Mostly, enjoy!


  1. I have heard of this before! Can't wait to see your posts!

  2. I am so excited for you and look forward to your updates about how it is going for you.