#MMM err...Tuesday that is! Welcoming new hosts!

Hey all!

MMM was a favorite part of my weekly blogging routine. It went really well until August hit and all hell broke loose. I had actually committed to writing the post, every Monday (or Sunday night) and posted for at least 15 weeks straight! Phew! But, August left me haggard and harried and I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere!

Lori, our host from The Gnome's Mom has been livin' a pretty crazy, amazing, busy, adventurous lifestyle as well! So we have 2 new hosts of the hop, and I would like to thank them for taking over this cool hop but also tell Lori thanks for starting it! :)

I will try to keep posting. As my kiddo gets older, it gets hard to meet the "fun deadlines" like these hops, and they are unfortunately the first to get 'the axe' when I pare down my priorities as I schedule my month. So, I hope to join in. Hopefully on Monday next time too! But I just wanted to get in on this week, to let all of you know that changes are happening.

We in our household are enjoying cooler temps and the promise of autumn. I'm loving my Herbalife shakes each day. I'm kind of addicted. I've started running again, albeit slowly. I'm part of the Fall in Love with Handmade Giveaway Hop coming September 1st and the Accessorize Your Stash Giveaway Hop coming Friday!! All of my blogger attentions have been focused on these areas.

I also start subbing again in the school districts starting in September. I'm excited for the change of seasons. My boy is talking up a storm. I'm loving our new communications! He is so darn smart! I ask him things and he totally understands. The big brains of such little humans are amazing!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Glad to update you quickly between nap and errand, but the cry of an awakening toddler is chiming....

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  1. life gets so crazy.. sometimes it hard to blog .. even though we would love to blog all the time.