My Multivitamin Rocks! And my Cell Activator Helps!

Today I want to highlight my multivitamin, cell activator, and shaker cup! I know that sounds kind of boring and self explanitory, right?  BUT a good vitamin is anything but boring. And I know most of you have heard of a cell activator, so that's something new. And the shaker cup? It's just plain cool! And useful!

The vitamins that Herbalife carry give me a noticable energy boost! You actually take them 3 times each day for optimal results, instead of just once. As you go through the day, your body takes what it needs and eliminates the rest. So, if you keep putting it back in, you'll get the most out of your multivitamin. I take mine with my shakes or a snack, but I haven't had any issues with the vitamins making me sick, like some do. Your pee should be bright yellow while taking these, so don't be alarmed when it is!!

Dave recommended a Formula 3 Cell Activator with the multivitamin to really enhance the body's ability to "soak up" all the nutrients from the shakes and the multivitamin. It's like the Cell Activator gets the assist for the goal, ya know? This is also taken in the capsule form, twice each day with a meal, snack or shake as well.

A multivitamin supports you in healthy weight management--you aren't being deprived of anything! In fact, you get vitamins, minerals and some herbs in this Formula 2 Multivitamin. It is also for healthy bones and immunity enhancement. They even have Folic acid and are safe for pregnant and nursing women--with your physician's consultation, of course!*

So, I've been drinking shakes. Every day. Taking my multivitamin and my Cell Activator at least once but usually twice each day. I drink the tea more often than what is recommended, but it's so good! I did try the PEACH flavor the other day too, and it's great! I always drink it cold, but there IS the option of drinking it hot too. I started all of this about a week and a half ago and no lie, I'm feeling great. I have lost 6 lbs.

I have been going to Zumba, walking more (parking as far as I can, when I can from the stores, etc.) I'm conscienciously making every attempt I can to eat cleaner and move more. Herbalife is just a really good way for me to make sure that I'm getting lots of nutrients, and still getting to indulge in something really tasty! Herbalife has started to give me that edge--a routine that I can stick to, I can make myself (or conveniently buy while in the city shopping), and I REALLY DO love the taste of it. I generally drink berry flavored smoothies and this is so refreshing for the summer months!

My new SHAKER CUP has been great for several reasons--it measures my intake. I use it like a water bottle and keep it in my car all the time, measuring and documenting my water intake. It can be used if I visit a Herbalife club and buy a shake, aloe, and tea membership that day. This means it's more GREEN, since I don't use the disposable cups! It's also really handy for making my tea at home, I just toss in the powder, fill with water and shake!

Have you visited Dave's Facebook page and sent a like his way yet? You could get a sweet SHAKER CUP like mine! And, all product is 20% off for a very limited time!! Like 9 more days! So, if your riding the fenceline, make the commitment. I'm super glad I did!


  1. i like the shaker cup a lot and love how you have a lot of uses for it. now, i want one.

  2. I love the shaker cup! I love that it measures your intake!!

  3. What a great idea! I'll have to keep this in mind!

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  5. Oh cell activator... Ive never heard of this before!! Sounds very interesting!!