Rearz Smitten - Review and Giveaway

What a perfect way to celebrate 3,000 fans! A giveaway? Indeed.

Rearz is a proudly Canadian company that produces cloth diapers for the children and adults. Remember that event I held about a month ago, the CANADA DAY EXTRAVAGANZA!? Well, Rearz if you recall was an awesome part of that event. Unfortunately, as with another sponsor, we had delays with shipping over holidays (no way the fault of Rearz or the other sponsor, just bad luck!) BUT, it works out well for YOU, as we get a super fun giveaway!!

I am going to show you guys an AMAZINGLY ABSORBENT fitted diaper from Rearz called the Smitten. And I pretty much am! Now, keep in mind, fitted diapers usually take a while for most cloth diaper-ers to fall in love with, but, once you do, you will wonder why you waited so long!

Here we have the mark of quality, the Rearz tag!

I really love the color. I love the feel of the soft, cushy, lush fabric. The diaper is made of velour cotton--super luxurious and fuzzy for your little ones' rear. This is a fitted diaper, but it also has an attached insert (also called a 'tongue') as well as a pocket for extra stuffing or for nights. This design also allows the diaper to dry much faster than systems like All-in-Ones--they can take twice as long in my experience!

This is a front view of the Smitten. Beautiful & vibrant, capable of soaking up so much!

And here is the Rear(z) view!

We like to use fitted diapers (sometimes double or triple stuffed, depending on the diapers' stand-alone capabilities) at night with a cover. This diaper was amazing for naptime. It got us through nights well, double-stuffed with bamboo. What I really like about Rearz is that they have the X-Large size available (they carry S, M, L, & XL) for toddlers and bigger babies. A lot of companies simply carry a "One-size" or 2 different size options--1 and 2. In a lot of cases for me, the "one-size" diapers fit until about 25 lbs. Even though they claim to cover another 10 lbs heavier. I really like to make sure my boy isn't suffocating in his diaper, so the larger sizing is a HUGE bonus for us. It is also a great diaper before transitioning to potty training for the same reason (older kids, bigger dipes!)

Here is a breakdown of the sizes:

Small 6-15lbs, Waist range: 8"-18", Thigh range 4"-11.5", Rise Range is 12-15"

Medium 14-22lbs, Waist 10"-20", Thigh 6-14", Rise 13-16.5"

Large 23-40lbs, Waist 12"-24", Thigh 7-16", rise 15.5-19"

X-Large 40+ lbs, Waist 16"-28", Thigh 10-21", rise 17.5"-24"

This is a close-up of the leg gussets. They are really effective in keeping messes IN while being comfortable and not leaving red marks.

Crossover Snaps!! Gotta love it. Growing with your growing child.

Cross-over snaps are a huge asset for our family. We usually buy diapers our baby will grow into and utilize the cross-over snapping to maximize the time the diaper works for us. Rearz also makes very large velcro tabs, oversized for ease of use and to help prevent curling and laundry wear and tear.

This is the full-spread of the diaper.

The vibrant colors are attained using certified organic dyes! How awesome is that? There are so many unique features about Rearz brand diapers, but that is one of my favorites! The striking colors are derived from organic compounds? Perfect!
And now, the attached insert is folded down, ready for action.

How It All Shakes Out:
Quality: 5
Ease of Use: 4.5
Daytime: 5
Nighttime: 4.8 with cover + doubler
When All Is Said and Done: 4.7

Lastly, a close-up of the soft fibers.

We really love our Smitten--wait, is that repetitive?! Anyway, it's a fave in our family. Dad doesn't really do the fitted/cover/wool combinations, he's more of a pocket kind of guy, but he has used them a few times and does like the roomy and easy to use design. I'm really curious about the other types of cloth Rearz offers---mama cloth, adult, and youth! I'm betting we'd love all they have to offer!

Do you think you'd love what you just read about? Go ahead an mosey on over to the Rearz website and become a member to purchase your own fluff to become smitten with! You can also enter below on the easy Rafflecopter form to win a Smitten diaper in the color and size of your choice!! You can also find Rearz on Facebook!

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Disclosure: I received a diaper for the purposes of this review. All opinions are still 100% my own.


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