Rumpkinz Cloth Diaper Review

I've been stalking Rumpkinz stocking auctions and Facebook updates for a few months, well, closer to a year now. Pretty much since I started cloth diapering and heard about the awesome embroidered-bums that come from a friendly and talented WAHM named Jeanette! I loved seeing the new customs that she would have hot off the embroidery line and the photos of all the fun auction diapers that are available each Wednesday for a few lucky bidders!

Jeanette was kind enough to let me do a review of a Rumpkinz diaper -- the one I chose is a combination of blue minky and the print "Zoology." It is snuggly soft and I was tickled when it arrived in the mail!

Here is my fluff mail outside of it's package, just waiting to be donned!!

I LOVE when a WAHM or company does something to adorn their package or make it more fun! It really adds a personal touch! Something as simple as a little tissue paper and a fun sticker makes my day! (Compared to just taking a diaper out of plastic or just the mailing envelope itself! Kudos for taking the extra step to make me feel special, Jeanette!

And, here is my new Rumpkinz diaper!!

The diaper is snapped down with rise snaps and is unprepped, fresh out of the tissue paper. When I was talking about 'going the extra mile,' I was even more pleased to have a little minty treat surprise along with care instructions and a Rumpkinz business card. I find the care instructions SO helpful and an important step that is often overlooked by diaper-makers that aren't large operations.
How It All Shakes Out:
User-friendliness - 5
Quality - 5
Customer Service - 5
Price - 5
Daytime - 5
Night-time - 4.8
When All Is Said and Done: 4.9

Here is the contrast of the Zoology print with a coordinating blue minky! Love it!
The diapers are made by hand, by Jeanette with great material. Not only does she have a huge selection of prints, she uses really high quality materials. She can also make custom embroidered diapers with nearly anything on the bum. Definitely take a moment to check out her gallery of all of the creative fluffy fun that is being sported around the world!

And, the sign of creativity & quality--the Rumpkinz tag! Cozy Koala!

Jeanette was really helpful and friendly in communicating back and forth. This means more to me than the diaper most of the time! Small businesses that are worth supporting have great customer service and Rumpkinz is no exception. The price for her creativity and innovation (and the face that she can make you almost any custom under the sun) earns Rumpkinz full points in the price category too!
Here is the light blue fleece that lines the inside--the material that touches the baby is super soft!

If you want to participate in an auction (to be eligible to bid on the beautiful diapers up for grabs) you need to register a username & account on the Rumpkinz site. There is a new auction next Wednesday, so you might as well register NOW so that you're ready for it! Go here to do so.

Here is a close-up of the print--it's adorable! So many animals! I love this print!

I mentioned that this diaper was pretty plush and cushy. It was a wonderful, fabulous, super-effective day-time and even naptime diaper, as-is, with the included insert. As with most pocket diapers at this stage in the game (16 months and counting) we need to double up and use things like bamboo and hemp to get us the extra hours. Even then, we generally end up using fitteds and wool at night. But, even though the diaper is super squishy, it's also ultra trim! I don't see nearly as much "cloth diaper butt" from these diapers as I do some other brands and WAHM-made pockets.

Here you can tell the PUL used is nice and thick--great quality.

I must also point out that I have a big toddler. He has thinned out, but he's still tall and pretty stocky. The Rumpkinz Zoology diaper looks cute and fits comfortably, we still have a couple snaps to go before we max it out! So, the diaper also has longevity, which is an important factor for our family.

This is the view of the pocket where the insert (diaper comes with one organic hemp/cotton insert) is stuffed in the back.

Jeanette also makes custom blankets, kids' aprons and tote bags, in addition to her amazing custom cloth diapers! This is one talented WAHM! She is also one to have a good time -- she hosts photo contests, diaper giveaways and of course, the weekly auction!!

This is a diaper that has become near and dear to me! I love the fun and funky print and the fit my little guy gets from the generous spread of the wings and leg gussets. He is a 27 lb. toddler and still has plenty of room to breathe in this diaper. It's soft and smooth on his fair skin and easy to stuff for dad's big hands! We love our Rumpkinz! You can enjoy a WAHM-made diaper that Jeanette will custom embroider, OR you can stalk an auction! All of the fun can be found at the Rumpkinz website.


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