SuperUndies!!! Review of Trainers

SuperUndies are super absorbent trainers for your little ones that are nearing or at the stage that you'd like to see them start potty training. We chose to review Medium Night-time trainer in the color Moss Monster. You can buy one of these great night-time (and all-around) diapering & potty training diapers from the SuperUndies website for under $30!! That's a great price for a long-lasting product!

Here is a one-size pocket next to the SuperUndies Night-time trainer--to show relative size.

This cool "SU" tag tells you that you have SuperUndies!!

And here is the bum-view!

So, what does the SuperUndies name buy you? Here's a run-down of what a Night Time diaper is composed of:
INNER fabric, which is the part that touches your little one, is made of a smooth poly-Lycra blend. Microfiber terry cloth is what makes up the INNER part of the diaper. The Moss Monster colored OUTER fabric is made from waterproof PUL. The Leg elastic is a water-resistant anti-pill fleece material. You can find all the details of this fantastic night-time diapering solution on the product page at the SuperUndies website!

Are you unsure about potty training? Overwhelmed by the options out there? SuperUndies has a pretty extensive collection of potty training videos to check out! I love this one that compares and contrasts Pull-On versus Pocket style options! There are so many videos to learn about training, diapering and having success and maybe even some ease with it all for your family!

Here is a "top view" looking inside the pair of SuperUndies!

How It All Shakes Out:
Daytime: 4.5
Nighttime: 4.9
Quality: 5
Ease: 4.5
When All Is Said and Done: 4.8

So, how do they rate with our family? Pretty great! I gave a few points off for Daytime, because they are intended for night time and are pretty bulky because they are beefed up for long night protection. Nighttime, these were really good--but as I said, we are so spoiled with wool that nothing can really touch it. BUT, for microfiber, this is the bomb! As for quality, they get a solid 5. We've worn, washed, and dried these many times now and they are still lookin' good. The stitching is really solid. The fabric is thick and sturdy. The elastic gives but not to the point of letting anything out! These are really great quality, especially for the price. We also really love the color combinations! The ease of use was super once they were tucked and assembled, but my husband had a tough time figuring out how to get the insert back into the shell once it agitated out after a cleaning, so even though I thought it was easy, folks that are not familiar with cloth or dads and daycare may think it's a little cumbersome. Overall, we love this diaper for long naps, travel, and nighttime if we're not using wool. We are just starting to get to the potty training phase in our lives, and I think these trainers will be an asset to having success! I hear that kids feeling like they have "big boy/girl" undies on is really important and these look like real undies--but they absorb! So, I think SuperUndies are pretty super!

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And Mr. Woofles is helping me out to show the fit of this diaper. The dog is roughly 2 feet long.

So there you have it! Quality materials and oh-so comfy goodness for your little one to either have dry nights when used as a diaper OR have dry nights when potty training--and feeling like they get to wear 'big kid' undies!!

*I received a pair of SuperUndies for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. I'd really like to try these. My son is just about ready to be potty trained.

  2. these sound like the the nightime trainer! i dont have any trainers yet so its good to hear a review on these! i dont mind super bulky for nightime when they work!

  3. these do sound wonderful! i have been tentative about trying nighttime trainers because my son generally pees a lot at night due to co-sleeping & having access to milk throughout the night, but these sound like they would be absorbent enough to do the trick!! they are very cute! :) thanks for the review!