The More You Drink, The More You Shrink!

Alright guys, as promised, I'm bringing you an insider glimpse of an amazing Herbalife product today...

Herbal Tea Concentrate
raspberry flavor

Here is the delicious tea mix!
I seriously may need an intervention.

This awesome drink is refreshing, can be enjoyed hot or cold (I prefer cold) and gives you energy--just like coffee or soda from the caffeine within, but it also BURNS calories because it has the thermogenic benefits of Green Tea!*

So, I drink a few cups each day. Great flavor! I am really in love with it -- one day I had 4 cups without really meaning to! I just kept going back for more! So, I keep track now, along with what I eat for the day & how much water I drink!!

The tea comes in other flavors, I just chose Raspberry. You can also get Peach, Original, and Lemon. The Raspberry flavor has only 5 calories per serving! It also has 85mg of caffiene. I went caffiene free while pregnant (well, not 100% - I did eat chocolate!) but that is for you and your doctor to decide! Otherwise, if caffiene is not a limiting factor for you, this drink is the bomb!

I also really like that this drink is instant. You can take a small amount of the powder with you to work in a baggie if you'd like! Just 1/2 tsp (or more if you want it stronger) will make a delicious drink on the go! This tea is unsweetened, but it really has a great natural flavor! I haven't tried the other 3 varieties, but Raspberry is delish! You can opt to add a sweetener!

Even though I'm loving my shakes, this may be my favorite Herbalife product! One cup can help to burn around 80 calories for you! I know I'd rather have some tea that works in my favor than soda that goes the other direction! The only thing I do wish is that it came in a larger container! I have not even made a dent in this jar, but I do know it will go fast since it's so yummy!

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*Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Which does not mean they are not true, they just simply have not evaluated them.*


  1. Wow a drink that can actually burn calories. Definitely something I need to try!!

  2. This is something I can actually do! I've been trying to drink more water but if I were to add this, I could actually burn calories. That is magnificent!