Like Mother, Like Daughter {hand-stamped jewelry} - Fall in Love with Handmade Giveaway Hop

Like Mother, Like Daughter {hand-stamped jewelry} is run by--you guessed it! A mother-daughter team! Karen and Kaitlin are the talented ladies behind the Etsy shop that produces super heart-felt, gorgeous, personalized jewelry and accessories. They are a stylish and super-trendy sponsor of the Fall in Love with Handmade hop, so show some love!

They used sterling silver, copper, and brass discs to create an absolutely heart-melting piece for me!

Forgive me, on the bottom metal disk, it's copper colored, I did edit my son's particulars from the piece before posting it, but you can have the discs say whatever you'd like! It's so neat! I wear it near my heart each day. I do take it off for Zumba and running so it doesn't get sweaty or ruined--you should store these beauties in a dry, air-tight place, to prevent or slow tarnishing. But--if it DOES tarnish, you can just polish it up again!

There are SO many different styles that are just adorable and great for any occasion! There are "funkier" necklaces that I loved, including one that is a "Tree of Life" for the hipsters out there! You can make grandma a pendant with birthstone charms or a "mother's necklace" like I made. If you have more than one kiddo, that one is perfect, you can have each child's name stamped on the different tiers of metals!
You can find these crafty gals on Facebook and on Twitter. Not only do they make sweet "mother's necklaces" they make a variety of great jewelry and accessories! Their Etsy shop is filled to the brim with fun, fashionable jewelry and accessories. There is definitely something for everyone!

Can't you just see this head band on a little girl for her first halloween?


Here is another photo from the Like Mother, Like Daughter Etsy store, this is what a stamp actually looks like! There are several similar photos that you can check out....I would LOVE to see a piece being made. It would be so neat!
This is one of my favorite pieces--it's the funky "tree of life" stamped metal disc that I mentioned before. I could see a lot of earth-mamas really enjoying this one. But, it also speaks to those geneology enthusiasts! It could be a really treasured piece of jewelry in the family, passed down even!
I love you to the moon and back is another great one that you'll see an example of in the shop and it's so heart-warming! You could put any short phrase that is familiar and customary in your family onto jewelry! The moon with round discs and gems just makes a completely loving scene to dangle around a lucky persons neck to remind them of loved ones always!
Don't all of these photos of great potential additions to your jewelry collection just call out to you? Well, you have the awesome opportunity, thanks to Karen's generosity, to WIN a 3-tiered necklace like the one she made for me for the Fall in Love with Handmade Giveaway Hop! You can BUY any of the pieces you've seen here or see in the Etsy store, by starting a conversation with the gals at Like Mother, Like Daughter {hand stamped jewelry} and they can make something for you that is truly your own. No piece from them is like another. Every one is unique, just like all of us! Make sure to tell Karen where you are coming from and also THANK YOU for sponsoring!


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  2. very creative use of sterling silver, copper, and brass discs, I really appreciate the work and creative mind.
    petite by lovelinks

  3. Such beautiful jewelry!! I love the Lucky Mom necklace!

    Lisa Garner

  4. From her Etsy shop, I love this:

  5. I love her pieces , I have been wanting to own something this for a while now. I really want the children pieces where it has a necklace for the mother with her children's names and birth stones, any of them are nice to own. they are all so beautiful.

  6. I love her jewelry! My favorite are the Birthstone earrings for dd. She just got her ears pierced this summer and doesn't have any other earrings but the ones that were used to pierce!