Oh The Post! - Fall in Love with Handmade Sponsor Spotlight

As I was spending hours the other night, perusing Etsy because I LOVE Etsy and the endless amount of creativity it holds, I found this cute Cardinal pendant! As I looked through the Oh! the Post! shop, I saw there were MANY very cool pendants. Well, Laura the friendly, ambitious and interesting owner and creator behind the shop was really generous and decided to sponsor a review AND giveaway for the event!

Laura lives in British Columbia, Canada and shares her talent with the world, through her shop -- Oh! the Post! We had a lot in common and so we ended up corresponding back and forth QUITE a bit! She's so nice and personable! She told me that she was in a postcard club for a while, and was able to get stamps from all over the world. I LOVE getting mail, so the thought of being in a postcard club was REALLY awesome to me! I've been looking into it, just to see the fun stamps and postcards from around the world. I kept a few from Costa Rica (and, I think most countries have beautiful stamps compared to ours in the states!) Canada has lovely wildlife stamps. Laura has a stately looking grizzly and a beaver from Canada that were also catching my eye!

Laura also has a cool story to go with most of her stamps. She goes to flea markets and sales and has a "stamp guy!" With movies out there like "The Lucky One" and others like it, wouldn't it be fun to have a pendant of a stamp that went across seas from a war veteran to his sweetheart while he was away or something romantic? Maybe a traveler with a wandelust that wrote home with each new country she was in? A stamp from a country before they changed their name (Burma & Myanmar!!) There are so many possibilities when it comes to stamps!

All of Laura's postage stamp creations are one of a kind. Some of them have great postmarked waves through them, most say what country they are from, and, if Laura knows the story behind it, she will divulge all of the great details! This handsome and regal cardinal is holding a tiny blueberry in his beak! I am a bird nerd through and through and I just love having this guy hanging around my neck! This is truly one of the most unique and fun pieces of jewelry I own! My toddler loves to pull on mommies jewelry, so I have to be careful with it, but it's very sturdy and well made.

I cannot believe some of the great stamps from so many places that Laura has turned into wearable art! You have to go look at Oh the Post! and see all of her great items! Make sure you add her to your favorites on Etsy! She is such an inspirational gal--making beautiful pendants with amazing adventures behind them! Exactly my kind of jewelry!
You can BUY your own pendant (or maybe even give Laura a stamp and see if she can do something special for you by communicating with her on her Oh the Post Etsy Page! You can also try your best to WIN a pendant from Laura's shop, by visiting the  Fall in Love with Handmade Giveaway Hop! Tell Laura that you found out about her fantastic creations from Amanda at Adventures of Mommyhood and make sure to tell her THANKS! for being a super stellar sponsor!


  1. Wow, those are so unique! My favorite is the Song Bird. I love the sweet little wing charm she added too. Really neat!

  2. My favorite is the tree of life pendant.

    notsosimpleshelley (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I love the Song Bird as well :)
    Thanks for the chance!
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com

  4. I love the necklaces they have so many beautiful pieces I really hope I can get one in the future, I love the fox.

  5. You have beautiful jewelry! I love the Postage Stamp Pendant.

    Lisa Garner

  6. I love the Building Castles pendant! I also love the Cardinal you received but I must have missed it in the shop! My dh loves cardinals!
    tvpg at aol dot com