Totes With A Twist - Fall in Love With Handmade - Sponsor Spotlight & Review

One of my truly friendly and trendy sponsors for the Fall in Love with Handmade hop is Totes with a Twist, owned and operated by Susan & Antonella. They are fellow mamas, with several children between the two of them, and they are also the crafy creators of these really amazing upcycled sails!

Here is the front of my beautiful Sail Anew ditty bag.
Now, being in the midwest, we don't have a very big source of sails at all, but I've been dying to try a sail bag. These ladies have a great supply of sails living near the ocean -- and they make all sorts of interesting and fun wristlets, totes, and ditty bags (and more!) I recently got to try a ditty bag and it's so summery and fresh!

This is the back-side of the bag, where you see the Sail Anew emblem, sewn on and stamped.

I use it when I go the the gym (mostly) for my hairbrush, deodorant, and other supplies inside my gym bag. BUT, I also think that because it it so adorable, it needs to be shown off a little, so I also use it for carrying thing like my hotel key, car keys, sunglasses, and other small odds and ends like chapstick or a few treats for my son when we're poolside! I've taken this ditty bag to the beach and have used it as a "clutch-size" purse while out with the stroller!

This is a close-up showing the secure stitching and the anchor embellishment, and in the upper corner, a view of the super strong zipper!

The sail is cut and sew to make all of these great designs and shapes--and they come in several colors! They are just such a pretty addition to any occasion, but also they are quite practical! The sail repels water, so it's a great place to put your cell phone, ipod, and other keep-dry items while out on the boat! The inner part of the bag is waterproof, so it really is ideal for summer activities or if you're a pool-going family like we are, it's perfect for that too! It makes me feel like I finally have something not only green (it's a retired sail, repurposed) but also trendy and fashionable! Recycled sails are all the rage these days and I feel really smug when I'm at a lake resort and I have something with such character instead of my usual grocery bags or plain jane totes!

The mark of quality! None of the bags are quite like the others, so you have an original, everytime!

The bag is about 12"x10" and the embellished anchor is around 4" in size. The grommet that is in the corner of the ditty bag as well as the zipper are really sturdy and high-quality materials. The zipper isn't flimsy like some on backpacks, but the beefy kind that you know will last and last! As a mom, I am always running out of room for all of the things I need or might need when we go places, so having a versitile bag is really a must! I was never a diaper bag person, not wanting to have a giant bag in tow all the time, so I've always tried to find "cooler" bags to serve in the capacity of 'diaper bag' and I think recycled sail bags would be an excellent choice! I think you definitely achieve 'cool' mom status when you have one of these!

The zipper is really impressive. It's very smooth in function, but also very substantial and is the kind that will endure lots of use!
All of you know that I LOVE really original, unique things. I love when my posessions have a story to go with them! I can just imagine what this sail may have done, been, and experienced before coming to my home! Was it a racer? Did it see gnarly seas? Was it a leisurely cruiser? Did it sail into international waters and exotic places? I really think it would be interesting IF the history of the sail was known at all, to include that with the product--something simple like this sail has seen been from the Caicos to Cape Cod... Alternatively, it's fun to use your imagination too!
And here is a sweet little note, attached to each Sail Anew bag, from Susan and Antonella! I love this extra-personal touch! They are really personable women to work with!

They also have new items in the Sail Anew line, Hipsters and Blankets!! You have to check it out! There are so many amazing and beautiful items listed in their shop! Etsy is a great place to find so many gorgeous, handmade items! Go check out Totes with a Twist now and don't forget to show these two friendly gals some sponsor love, by liking the Totes with a Twist shop on Facebook!

Remember, Totes with a Twist are sponsoring a wristlet from their shop as part of the fabulous prize pack from Adventures of Mommyhood! To enter, click this link!


  1. I really like the big personalized totes!

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  3. What a fabulous idea! My favorite is the Orange and Silver Starfish-Handcrafted wristlet. :)

  4. My favorite is the Ditty Bag - and I like the reuse of materials.

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  6. These are so neat! I love the Nautical Striped Sail Anew Ditty Bag.

    Lisa Garner

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