Why Buy When You Can Rent!?! Campus Book Rentals -- For the Clever Student!

Back to School... It's that time of year. The time of year when your bank account really take a hit! You need to buy clothing, supplies, food, and all sorts of things to kick off a new school year! Many are unemployed during undergraduate school--or have a super part-time work study job. So, funds are in short supply. There is one area where it's easy and practical to cut corners! Campus Book Rentals can help you save big this semester!

If you're like me, you purchased your textbooks from the on-site campus bookstore. You tried to find USED books, but they were still spendy and generally the edition of the testbook was renewed THAT year, so used books wouldn't work anyway. That always happened to me. I also thought that I would keep these great textbooks (that I barely bothered reading while IN the class) to read for future reference. In my SPARE time. Guess what? They are still collecting dust on my bookshelf and are now incredibly outdated. It's been 10 years for some of them...still haven't done any "light reading" or found any sparetime!! So my advice? Don't waste your money on purchasing.

SAVE as much as 40-90% by RENTING from Campus Book Rentals! They offer FREE shipping BOTH ways! That is virtually unheard of these days! So, let's get this straight--you save half or better on the book AND don't pay shipping.

You can also highlight in the book with no worries! The rental timeframe is super flexible--Campus Book Rentalsrealizes that not every university has the same finals/in-class schedule. No sweat.

All of you readers know that I love to highlight businesses and organizations that do charitible work. Well, Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented! Operation Smile helps children all over the world fix cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities with surgical care they could otherwise not afford.

Here is a book that I remember paying over $100 for when I was studying Ornithology in college. I WISH I had known about this place when I was there! And, I do plan to go this route when I go back for my M.S.! I still have this book, and when I was a district Ornithologist in Alaska, it did make me feel cool to have a few "professional-looking" books on my desk, BUT, I would have felt cooler with HUNDREDS more dollars in my bank account! What do they ask for a semester price on Campus Book Rentals? $27 and some change! That's so ridiculous!!! Check out the difference by clicking here: Ornithology textbook from Campus Rentals Price. Here is the same book on Amazon (and somehow when you buy from your alma mater they REALLY jack up the price even more!)

So, be smart this school year! Rent your texts! Help out another human being with each rental!

*Please note this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are 100% mine and my experience with the Ornithology book is 100% true!!*


  1. I really wish they had had this when I was in School. However, my husband will be going back for his masters, and we are definitely going to look into renting books!

  2. My husband is getting his masters, and we totally rent all his books. Saves us a fortune! Thanks for the info on this site! :)