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Thrifting & Style

I feel kind of old-fashioned. But you know what? I'm proud to be modest. I haven't always been this way. I remember in my "teeny-bopper" phase, as my mother would call it, I wore what was trendy. At that time in the early 2000s, I wore jeans that were around $80 (and usually ripped) and also pretty tight. Who remembers being obsessed with Abercrombie & Fitch?! I would wear small t-shirts (they didn't show midriff unless I raised my arms). I would wear short shorts--not Daisy Dukes, but nothing I'd ever wear again! I also wore bikinis. They were more than the "eye patch" sized tops that are adorning children these days, but they were plenty risque, especially for the era. What I'm saying is, I went through a very peer-influenced time in my life when my style was affected as well as my morals and I'm proud to say that that chapter is OVER!

I was young. I was trendy. Been there, wasted that money! Now, if I spend money it is for QUALITY, not because someone down the street had the item and I just HAD to keep up... I like GEAR. I will fork out good money for baselayers, fitness clothing, and functional items like warm jackets and technical clothing. Otherwise, I am found in thriftstores. I just about jump out of the car before it's even in park if I am driving through a new town and see an open thrift store! I end up finding really great items for pretty cheap. Though, I do have to say, I remember the "good old days" when thrift stores had prices under $1.00. That is rare now and Goodwill and Salvation Army are basically "chain thrift stores." But, I must say that by shopping there, I can often find great, sometimes new with tags clothing that is not only quality but also very fashionable (to suit my tastes!) and thankfully modest! I can't shop at Target or even Maurices very often because I've found that their current lines, though beautiful on some folks, don't flatter my figure at all. And, I'm a married woman. No one needs or wants to see most of what those clothes put on display! I've been a fan of tankinis. I wore my maternity swimsuit as soon as I got a tiny bump and long after the baby was out! I also found a great modest swim outfit (rashguard and pants) that you can read about here if you'd like. They are amazing for all sorts of situations, from yoga to swimming.

Since I don't want to end up in the back of People magazine or whatever magazine offers the "What NOT to wear" page, I've been proudly covering up since 2007. I've also been saving SO much money! Even if I spend $100 on a shopping spree while garage-saling or thrifting, I get a carload of clothing for my whole family. If I were to walk into a retail store and spend that same amount, I'd get MAYBE 4 shirts and 2 bottoms -- and that would be on Clearance. I did that in June. I forked over the cash at Maurices to spruce up my wardrobe and be more "trendy." I still have one shirt in my closet with a tag on it. I don't think I've had such a bad case of buyers remorse in a LONG time! I'm certainly not against those gals out there that are die-hard fashionistas. More power to you if you can make it work for your budget, your figure, and your life. I cannot. Even when I buy "nice" clothing, I still feel frumpy. I might feel differently if I had a stylist, but I don't so I choose to spend my money in other ways.

Does anyone else love thrift store shopping? Garage saling? Are you a slave to fashion? Are you baring it all or modernly modest? I'd love to hear what ya'll think!

Win a Mini Ipad -- Giveaway coming soon!

Here is a fun event, bloggers--sign up! Readers, stay tuned! It's coming in a few weeks!

iPad Mini Holiday Event

Hosted by Mom to Bed by 8
Prizes: iPad Mini
Event dates: 11/21 - 12/5

Free Blog Event! Sign-up here, BLOGGERS WANTED

I Drink Aloe.

You heard me right! I drink aloe. Everyday. It's delicious! It's also mango flavored and is a great part in the Herbalife product line! I was a little scared the first time I had a shot, I'm not going to lie to you. I was thinking about the gelatinous goo that I slather on my skin when I'm beet red in the summertime. I had no idea that it could be pretty benign and yet delicious!

The aloe comes in a liquid concentrate form as well as powder. I use the powder form. A shot a day is like a multivitamin for your belly! It aids in digestion. It's quite refreshing! I sometimes put the aloe powder right in with my shake to give it a little extra flavor. I've also discovered that pairing Aloe Powder with Hydrate. It is amazing. I love this combination! Just as I had a tea addiction, now I'm coping with my Hydrate/Aloe love affair! Good thing I've formed healthy addictions, right?! Well, I am joking a bit, I know that moderation is the key to life, so I do not recommend drinking 10 packets of Hydrate and a jar of aloe powder in a sitting. Or even a day or week! But, I do enjoy the combo often.

This stuff helps to keep your digestive tract healthy while also supporting immunity! The aloe improves your nutrient absorption, so you can really use food as fuel. It can also help with mild indigestion and has antioxidants to keep you healthy and sharp!

I'm feeling great and a lot of the credit goes to Dave, my Herbalife distributor for helping me find the products that will work best for me! Like his Facebook page and feel free to ask him any questions about Aloe or any other Herbalife products that you may be interested in! Making the connection could really change the way you FEEL each day!

If you are ready to try Herbalife and you don't even want to waste another moment reading about it, give Dave a shout through his Great Shape Today page and he'll set you up, and as you're enjoying YOUR aloe, you can come back and catch up on your reading!!! Have a great day! You can lose weigh and be healthy NOW! Ask Dave how!

Barnyard Bag Ladies Tote Review & 1st Annual Hunter's Hop Sponsor Spotlight

Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for!!! The 1st Annual Hunter's Hop----SPONSOR HIGHLIGHT TIME!!!
Everyone knows I LOVE products that are upcycled, repurposed and a little bit greener. Save the Coach purses, I'd rather have a bag that is being given another chance at life! I've told you about recycled sails becoming amazing messenger bags all the way from Italy, now, I'm going to show you some super fab feed bags that have been turned into the best tote you'll ever own!

Barnyard Bag Ladies is a small business run by two friendly and crafty gals--Janice and Cindy! The story of their companies' start is a really neat one! And, one that I am all too familiar with, but just not as creative or talented to turn my "waste" into something wonderful! You see, Cindy wanted to recycle her chicken feed bags, but the plastic was non-recyclable. Janice is the seamstress behind the business, and together, they make gorgeous, super durable totes and messenger bags! I too have chicken feed bags stacked up in the tack shed and occasionally I am able to reuse them for hauling something when a garbage bag is just not strong enough, but for the most part, I've been stumped as to how they might be repurposed. This is such an ingenius way!
So, knowing that these bags were amazing, you cannot even imagine how excited I was when this awesome upcycled package came in the mail for me... Yes---they even repurpose the scraps from other feed bags to save using new shipping materials! That makes me want to hug the both of them! I LOVE the greener packaging! You can read the rest of their story on their website--it truly makes me think that we are kindred spirits!

And within the super cool-because-it-was-recycled package was...

I am a bird nerd through and through. True, I was an ornithologist for a while before becoming a mama, but I think the birder in me has always been a big part of my personality!  So, even though they have really gnarly bucks on the deer feed bags that are way cool, I had to go for a bird bag. This will proudly carry my binos, field guides, lunch and warmies during the Christmas Bird Count this year! (And I've already been using it as my daily bag and loving it!) I got a great compliment on it the first day that I went into work at my dispatch office. My boss loved it! So, since I only work a very small number of days each year, I felt pretty smug comin' back in style!

As you can see, the stitching is super sturdy. Oh, and they're made in the USA! Atlanta, Georgia, to be exact! It's hard to find US-made items these days! So, be proud of you bag! The bags won't disappoint, but if you aren't satisfied, return the bag for a full refund. THAT is also a hard guarantee to find these days!

Here is the color-coordinated inside of my tote. Perfect for this time of year, right?! The bottom is a sturdy cardboard-type material wrapped in the cool Halloween fabric, so the bag keeps it's shape and can stand up and support itself. You can also see the handles are not plastic or flimsy. They are a really thick jute-like strap that can accomodate all that I could pack into this bag! I use it as a diaper bag, to carry my lunch--pretty much my "day pack" that I throw in the car when we'll be away from the house all day.
The reason that I think these bags would be awesome for hunting season is not only the big rack bucks that are featured on the bags to really give you an extra incentive to get out in the woods, but also because I can fit all of my gear in one bag. Now, the only downfall is that you obviously wouldn't want to bring this bag out into your deer stand, since it does crackle when it moves. So, to be stealthy, leave it in the car. I was thinking it would be used more for your overnight bag to the hunting shack or for having snacks and a change of clothes or something in the car for when you hike back out of the woods at night, that kind of thing. It's like a giant hunting ditty bag!
Since these are feed bags, for those of you that don't have experience toting the heavy bags around the yard while they are holding the feed, not only are they durable, they are also pretty easy to wipe clean. The material is a lot like a dog food bag (and some of the totes are from pet food bags) but some of the feed bags are even stronger than that! But the easy-wipe surface means you can clean your bag without much fuss! Just remove the cute inner bottom platform, since it is cloth and wipe away! Easy as that! It really is easy being green!

Another fun aspect? They make messenger style shoulder bags too! For those of you that need a little less space but just as much green-minded style! There are so many adorable bags to choose from! You really need to check out the entire gallery of bags on the Barnyard Bag Ladies website!

One lucky reader will get to choose from the "deer/hunting" totes that are in the gallery and will win it! How cool is that? These are really REALLY awesome bags -- SO fun & functional! You can purchase them at the Barnyard Bag Ladies website. You can also enter here to win one! Good luck! Make sure when you stop by to Like the BYBL Facebook page, you also say THANK YOU for sponsoring a great prize for the Hunter's Hop and let them know Amanda @ Adventures of Mommyhood sent you!

Winter Wonder Week Is Coming!!! Sign-ups Open!

Tis the season to be busy, right? Well, I've found another fun giveaway hop for you guys to get in on! Here is one for December, it will be the last giveaway event that I am part of for this year, as I will be taking the holiday-time off from blogging--at least from reviews & giveaways! So, make sure to take part in this one! You could win some loot for Christmas!

Winter Wonder Week is a week-long event to celebrate the Winter Holidays, hosted by Jyla's Three of Us Giveaway and Parent Palace, check it out for lots of prizes & gain followers at the same time! This is our 2nd year hosting Winter Wonder Week, and last year was awesome (this year will be even better!) There will be 4 prize pack giveaways and a Grand Prize (Cash collected when signing up – final total to be announced) for a total of 5 prize packs. Winter Wonder Week will from December 8 – 15 and be heavily promoted. All giveaway posts need to be live no later than 3 p.m. on December 8th.

Why Participate?

•Increase Your Exposure/Gain new followers
•Meet other great bloggers and make new friends.
•It will be fun! You’ll see an increase in traffic as well since we have something unique that other group giveaways don’t…the hidden elf! Each day 5 blogs will be given an image to host on their blog – entrants are encouraged to hop through the linky to find those images for bonus entries!
•We’re doing the hard work for you – you just need to create a blog post for the giveaway with the Rafflecopter embedded. We’re even writing a post for you – so all you need to do is copy and paste! You don’t need to get a sponsor – we’re taking care of all of the prizes
The Fine Print:
You have several options for participation, and there’s even a free option!

•Free Option – To be eligible for this option you need to create a blog post announcing sign-ups for Winter Wonder Week and link back to this post. When filling out the sign-up form let us know you posted and share the link to your post. This option will get you your first link free. If you choose the free option you can still purchase other options.
Other Options
•$5.00 – for Facebook and Twitter Link.
•$2.00 – for Each additional Link (up to 3.)
All proceeds go towards the Cash Grand Prize; there are no administrator fees for this event!
Payments should be sent via PayPal to
There is a Facebook setup to help keep everyone updated and connected on what’s going on. Feel free to request access: Winter Wonder Week Facebook Group
There will be a limit of 100 bloggers. You can find the sign up form here:

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to add yourself to the linky HERE!

Green Christmas Gift Giveaway Hop!! Coming soon!

Another exciting announcement -- Adventures of Mommyhood is going to be a part of the Green Christmas Gift Giveaway Hop hosted by Going Green with the Grizls and The Reynolds Mom through the Green Moms Network . Mark you calendars--it will take place from November 28 - December 7, 2012.

Green Christmas Giveaway

Participating bloggers will be giving away an eco-friendly prize package worth at least $25. Maybe this would be a good way to get the gift for that hard-to-please shopper? A gift you won't feel guilty about keeping yourself, perhaps? Make sure you don't miss this chance to have the elves come to YOU. I'm sure we'll be seeing an array of cool gifts! 

This is a free giveaway hop for bloggers interested in joining. Just find a prize package to put up for the hopping festivities and make sure to enter to win on each of the other blogs, too! You'll be sure to have a blast with this one! For more information or to sign up, visit Happy Mothering.

Coupon Coup Giveaway Sign Ups! Hurry!

Well everyone, I've been couponing for a while now, since taking a Community Ed. class last February, actually. The class was kind of disappointing...I was expecting a huge breakthrough in my couponing, making me more "extreme" -- but the fact was that our local grocery stores don't allow doubling, so it's very hard to duplicate the TV show that takes it to the max.
HOWEVER-- every source you can muster up for tips, tricks, and free coupons adds to your overall savings. Whether you save 25 cents or 25 dollars, all of those SAVINGS really start to add up. So, I'm excited to be a part of this great coupon giveaway!!! It is my first of this kind and I think it will be of interest to many of you out there! The winner gets a real great package full of tools to $AVE!!
Stay a Stay at Home Mom is proud to announce the first annual Coupon Coup Giveaway November 1-15, 2012! This event is FREE for bloggers worldwide, (though the grand prize can only be shipped/used in the United States) who choose to post an announcement. Blogger sign ups will close October 29. The sooner you sign up, the closer to the top your info will be.

One single winner will receive the following prizes:
  1. Couponing: The Extreme Video Course
  2. 6-mo Membership to SavingsAngel
  3. Coupon Clutch from Grandma's Little Lilly
  4. Coupon Binder
  5. 40 Recent Coupon Inserts from Coupon Connection Idaho
  6. $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card (more depending on how many bloggers we get to participate)
Plus, there will be FIVE first place winners who will each receive a copy of Couponing: The Extreme Video Course, or, a refund if they purchase the course during the giveaway.

In addition, there will be a referral contest with a prize of AT LEAST $25 going to the blogger who refers the most other bloggers. This amount may increase as more bloggers come on board. Please join the Facebook group for details on the referral contest.

Get Up to Speed

Want to make sure that you understand what it is that is being given away? First, download your free Guide to SavingsAngel. Plus, as a special offer to all bloggers who are participating in the Coupon Coup Giveaway, you can purchase Couponing: The Extreme Video Course for half-price using the code COUPONCOUP.

Code for Announcement Post

The code for the announcement post can be found here. You can alter the text to reflect your own personality but please make sure all links are kept as-is. Make sure you at least add a paragraph to the beginning of your post to make it different from everyone else's for search engine purposes.

Sign Up

Sign up using the form here.

Questions? Contact Stay a Stay at Home Mom here.

Leetle Baby #LoveAppalachia Cloth Diaper Drive Sign Ups

Leetle Baby is hosting a great charity cloth diapering event! Some sponsors are really raising the bar, donating diapers for each that they sell during the event! This could really help families in the Appalachia area in need! The event goes from November 1st through the 30th, but sign ups close tomorrow, so HURRY and get in on the fun!
List of confirmed sponsors so far
Funky Fluff

1 One-Size Diaper (valued at $18.40)

Glow Bug

1 One-Size Diaper (valued at $12.50)

Green Bees
2 One-size Diapers (valued at $16.00)

GoGo Natural

The Little Bee Company

One-size Diaper in Choice of Color (valued at $19.95)

** The Little Bee Co. has graciously offered to donate one diaper for every diaper purchased during this event! **

Smart Snugs

Choice of Echo/Omni Diaper One-size Shell & One-Size Pod (valued at $29.90)


3 Duo Wraps (valued at $38.25)
10 Duo Hemp Pre-folds (valued at $80.00)

...that is over $176.75 so far!

Sponsors For Auction :

Funky Fluff
, Glow Bug, Little Bee Creations, and more!

Bloggers needed!!
1 FREE link for simply spreading the word about this event!

Cost for additional links :

$5.00 for 2 links (or 3 links if you posted the event announcement)
$1.00 for each additional
$10.00 for follow page

100% of the fees collected will be used to send diapers to the Tomahawk Sustainment Mission.
If you sponsor a prize for the giveaway, auction, or simply donate to the cloth diaper purchasing fund, you will receive 5 links on the giveaway form at no extra charge.

* BLOGGER PRIZE! Top 2 referring bloggers will receive a FREE follow page! *

Participating in this event is easy!

Here is what you need to do :

Go HERE to sign up!!!

Is this Weird?

My husband and I are thinking about child #2. We have a 19 month old "big boy" now, and he's starting to potty train. Pretty successfully with pee. He has reasonably dry diapers and pees a lot when he does go. He has good intake, so I think that we are potty training! No success with poo, but, it's a good sign to me that I MIGHT be able to have another baby. *Quick, before a tantrum changes my mind!* Haha!

But, when I think about having another baby, bonding, breastfeeding, etc. I feel like I will be greiving for my first son? He's alive and well but that is the only word that seems to fit what I think I will feel. I think I might be sad to lose that special bond with my first kiddo--he and I will never be just us 2 again. Has anyone had that feeling? I'm really afraid that I will not bond near as well with a second child. Especially if we have another boy? I don't know!

I'd love to hear if any of you that have just had a 2nd child, or have had these concerns or feelings with a subsequent 3rd, 4th, etc. Is this common? Weird?

1st Annual Hunter's Hop Giveaway - RV $65

Welcome to the First Annual Hunters Giveaway hosted by Andersons Angels. This Event features everything under the sun you could want or need for Hunting! Each blog has gathered up a unique Prize Package of $20 or more so be sure to visit each blog from the linky below and enter for your chance to win some really amazing prizes! This event will end on November 12th at 11:59pm EST.

Adventures of Mommyhood is offering up some supplies for the pre and post hunt. What you will be entering to win is one really sweet, upcycled Deer Feed bag tote from Barnyard Bag Ladies and a cool, hunting themed t-shirt from SunDog Shirts! They are perfect items to assist in your hunting weekend! You can pack all of your camo and your calls and rattles, blaze orange, snacks and binos in the bag. It is a totally green option and can be designated as "your hunting bag" -- or, you can use it for whatever else you might desire. It's just plain cool that a feed bag can be repurposed into something so useful and really fun and funky!

The t-shirt can be worn after you de-robe from all of your stinky, sweaty, muddy hunting clothes and enjoy a microbrew by the campfire! Your incentive to get one or the other....deer or beer?!? I thought that there were some really cool designs to choose from in the SunDog shop. I really liked the hunting/fishing trifecta symbol, but went with Beer? because it was just so funny! I am always trying my hand at humor using a play on words here and there, so I thought it was clever and cute.

The last item in the package is a little hunter-esque bling! I found the neatest jewelry made from bullet casings, handmade and available on Etsy! I think this stuff is really cute. Plus, again, I'm a big fan of repurposing!

Look for the SPOTLIGHT posts of Barnyard Bag Ladies and SunDog Shirts this week to learn more about these great companies, their products, and gain bonus entries for the giveaway!

Enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck! Don't forget to hop around a little and check out the other great hunting-related prize packages!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure* I received a complimentary review item to complete my reviews. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any other way. Adventures of Mommyhood and Andersons Angels and the Hunters Giveaway bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that fail to fulfill their prizes. US only.

All Cups are not created Equal!

This is such a simple, tiny detail in having a baby-turned toddler in the house. You get so many sippy cups for your shower, and it seems like decades before you'll actually use one in your home. The time comes sooner than you'd believe.

We started sippy cups around 8 months old I think, with water only. We tried Nuk brand. We tried Playtex. We tried the cute ones with the double handles and the glitter and floaty animals in the clear double walled up. We tried CamelBak style spouts. My kiddo would either not get any or drown. The glittery cup leaked. None of them were ideal.

Enter Take N Toss from the local Walmart/Target/Kmart stores! Bingo. I felt like I had struck mama gold with these cheap solutions. You get 5-6 cups with lids in a package for about $3. They make the traditional sippy cup lid and they make lids that have straws. We prefer the straw lid cups now, but we have both. Since we can afford a few packages, we have cups and both sets of grandparents houses. I have multiples in my car. In the diaper bag. Everywhere. They are an absolute godsend of drinking solutions!

This is not a review, or a paid or sponsored post. Take N Toss doesn't even know that I wrote this, but I just needed to share this far and wide. They are awesome.

Fluff & Fitness Giveaway Event

Something that most moms think about: being fit and finding some adorable fluff for their babes' bums! So, some of the cloth diaper community of bloggers has gotten together to support our own Bert, as she has been such an inspiration for all mamas to get fit and has been so helpful with cloth diapering and parenting questions, at her blog, First Time Mom Always! We would love to see her get some support, and to make it fun, there is fluff on the line!!

A Cloth Diaper Contest and Inspirational Message!

Remember how, after your baby came along, you had to weed through your closet to find clothes that still fit? If you had a hard time getting back in your favorite jeans, you're definitely not alone! Most of us have been there! Babies change your life for the better, but it can be so hard to find time for a shower, let alone a work-out!

Every now and then, someone comes into your life, and reminds you that taking care of yourself is important, too! For many of us, that person is Elizabeth "Bert" Anderson! Bert is participating in the Steele Fitness Challenge, and what she's doing has been so inspirational

Bert Anderson, image from
Steele Fitness Challenge

About Bert!

Bert is a mommy just like you and me! With two children under the age of 4, she struggled with her health and weight after her children were born. And, like many of us moms, she put her family ahead of her fitness! Just before she turned 30, she decided it was time to get fit, and she joined the Steele Fitness Challenge! You can find out more about
why she wants to get fit here!

Bert got married in 2005, and started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with post-partum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who struggle with the same things! Bert's got a quirky sense of humor and an up-beat take on life. You can follow her adventures in mommyhood on her blog at
FTM, where she maintains that no matter how many children you have, you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything.

Why Should YOU Vote for Bert?

Mommys Unite!
We would love to see her win this challenge!
Over the past 3 months, Bert has inspired many of us through-out the cloth diaper community to think about what type of fitness examples we set for our children! Let her inspire you too!

In typical Bert fashion, she tells us frequently that she's so happy to have changed her life for the better, and that she doesn't need to win this challenge because she's already won back her health! And that's why we would love to see her win - what an awesome way to end such a challenge!
So, please, vote for Bert!

About the Challenge

10 individuals are competing for 90 days as they attempt to change their lives and win an awesome grand prize. The winner will be selected by a judging panel based on how hard they work at the challenge, and by a popular vote!

We know how hard Bert has worked, but she is a bit behind right now in the voting, and we would love to give her a boost! Please vote for Bert and help us spread the word about her participation! You can place your vote for her here! I've gotten together with a bunch of other cloth diaper bloggers the contest below as our way of thanking you for supporting our friend during this journey to fitness! Be sure to enter, because you can win a mommy and baby prize pack!

Don't forget you can vote daily!

Disclaimer: Bert Anderson did not ask us to help her get votes, nor is she soliciting votes. Neither she nor FTM have played any role in sponsoring, soliciting, or administering this giveaway. As members of the #fluffybloggers group, we put this event together without any encouragement or support from Bert as a way to spread the word about the contest and hopefully help her get more votes! You are not required to vote for Bert, but we would love your support to help her win.

Please note: None of of the participating blogs are responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations.

One Step Ahead Costume & Treat Bag Review & Giveaway

One Step Ahead is a great resource for all sorts of things that can making parenting and childhood lots of fun! They are also a great source for holiday items, including Halloween costumes! Let's start by visiting their Facebook page, and liking it! Tell them that Amanda over at Adventures of Mommyhood sent you for some spooky fun! You see, I have a monkey costume and a treat pail that I want to tell you about, but then, the kind folks at One Step Ahead have said that one of you lucky readers will win an in-stock costume for Halloween and a treat pail too! Pretty awesome, right?

I got our monkey in the mail and was ecstatic when I opened it! It is so soft and fuzzy! My son is almost 19 months and weighs 26 pounds and is of average height for his age. He fit into the 18-24 month size perfectly. (It also allowed for room to wear some layers to allow for the wide range of midwestern weather fluctuations!)

This is adorable, right? This soft spider treat bucket is perfect for first-time trick-or-treaters. It doesn't hold too much candy (so the kiddos and the parents won't have quite a much temptation!) If you're like us, we take our toddler to grandparents and maybe a few friends, but that's pretty much it. They don't stay in costume long, typically, and it gets dark here around 5pm, so it makes the night short.

We do also go to events and parties that are specifically for toddler-aged children and are family friendly, but usually we don't end up with gobs of candy like you did as an older kid! So, this treat pail is perfect for our family's needs.

The Lil' Monkey was perfect for our little monkey. He usually hates wearing hats and has been spoiled going barefoot most of the summer, so has been rejecting footwear as well. He put this costume on with his dad and went truckin' outside for monkey adventures! It was adorable and I love that the hat is actually a good wind/weather break, without being too hot. It will probably hover around 25-30 degrees when we're out and about this year, so we plan for layering and warmth!

The "hat" part of the costume as well as the little monkey feet!

The little monkey belly button is the cutest detail! This costume also has a wire-form tail that wags as your child walks--another adorable addition. The costume was easy for my son to walk, crouch, sit and even run in. This costume could fit a kiddo even a little taller than my 33" son. It had extra room but no so much as to pose problems and become dangerous.

We have an event at our local zoo, a family center Halloween night, and the annual visitations to all of the relatives to look forward to. I know they are going to just go crazy for the Lil' Monkey this year! I love so much about this costume. The only issue I had at all was that when unzipping it for the first time (it camed zipped up, so I had to unzip to put it on my boy) the zipper zipped right off the tracks and I was left holding the metal zipper pull. The zipper is quality material and we were able to slip it right back onto the tracks, then we added a small gold safety pin, to ensure it wouldn't happen again. Whether or not it was an isolated incident, I cannot say, but either way it was minor.

Here is the safety pin. Quick fix. No further issues..

Some of the cool features of the costume include:
Easy to put on costume.
Warm but not suffocating.
Room for layering.
Soft material.
Easy entry snaps along the inner legs for diaper changes.
Here's one leg snapped down. The snaps go all the way to the feet, so you can unsnap it all the way--full access to the diaper or for those potty-trained toddlers, quick release for potty breaks!

I get a One Step Ahead catalog each season and am thrilled when I receive the new one! There are so many really neat items to browse--both fun and practical.

There are things that I cannot get anywhere else where I live. Walmart, Target, and Kmart pretty much sum up the diversity of the "city" of less than 15,000 which is a half hour drive for us. It's much more convenient for me, for some items, to just have them shipped to the house.

One Step Ahead generally has great deals on shipping for bigger orders, so that's a bonus too! They have clothes for your kiddo and toys too! Things to keep them safe (and save some wear and tear on your home too!) Make sure to sign up to be put on their mailing list! Each catalog is so fun to browse! It's also a great tool for when Grandpa and Grandma start asking for gift ideas!

I could literally spend hours perusing the pages of the One Step Ahead website! There are so many great categories and special holiday sections! Halloween and Holiday sections are up right now on their mainpage, as well as a Fall category and a Sale section, too!


To enter to win your own costume (one that's in-stock) and a treat bag, enter below on the easy Rafflecopter form! Make sure to visit the One Step Ahead Facebook page and tell them THANK YOU for the great giveaway!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer* I was provided a costume and treat bag for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.*

Newborn Stash Giveaway Event - Hosted by Daily Mothering

Win a HUGE STASH of newborn and one-size cloth diapers!
Welcome to the Newborn Stash Cloth Diaper Giveaway hosted by Daily Mothering and a group of fantastic bloggers! This incredible giveaway event is sponsored by Kissed By The Moon, a cloth diaper and natural parenting store. Together we are giving away a huge prize of cloth diapers and accessories to one lucky winner!

A little about the sponsor!

Kissed By The Moon offers a wide variety of cloth diapers and other natural parenting products. They provide excellent customer service and super fast shipping, along with cloth diaper rental programs, mystery fluff packages, Kissed Cash rewards, and gift registries. Join their newsletter and "like" them on Facebook for special promotions like coupon codes, sales, freebies, double Kissed Cash, and more!
SPECIAL EVENT COUPON: Shop at Kissed By The Moon and get 8% off your order over $25! Use coupon code nbstash at checkout! Expires Oct 27, 2012. Not valid on bumGenius, Flips, JuJuBe, Sloomb, Bumby, Ergo or Grovia items, as well as items already on sale and Mystery Fluff or rentals.

Giveaway time!

One winner will receive this amazing Newborn Stash valued at $295!

Prizes include:

  • Fuzzibunz Perfect Size XS Cloth Diaper
  • 2 Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex Cloth Diapers (1 Swirls, 1 winner’s choice)
  • GroVia Newborn AIO Cloth Diaper
  • 2 Lil Joey Newborn AIO Cloth Diapers
  • Bumgenius 4.0 Cloth Diaper (Mirror, Aplix)
  • Bumgenius Elemental Cloth Diaper (Sassy, Snap)
  • Bumgenius Freetime Cloth Diaper (Dazzle, Snap)
  • Bumgenius BabyLegs
  • Rumparooz Cloth Diaper (Limited Edition White with Black Snaps)
  • Swaddlebees One-Size Simplex Cloth Diaper (Red)
  • Blueberry Minky One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper (Dinos)
  • AppleCheeks Organic Little Bundle
  • CJ’s BUTTer 8 oz Jar (Warm Vanilla Cake)
  • 2 Pairs of Babee Greens Hemp/Organic Cotton Nursing Pads
  • White BabyLegs
  • Jujube Coin Purse and Key Ring
As you can see, there are many one-size diapers in the prize pack too,
so even if you don't have a newborn, you don't want to miss this giveaway!
Giveaway ends October 20, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST.
This giveaway is open to USA only.
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.
Complete the first easy entry to unlock the rest.
Remember, the more entries you submit, the better odds you have of winning!


Thankfully Handmade Giveaway Hop is coming!!

Announcing The Thankfully Handmade Blog Event...

I am excited to announce the team up of Andersons Angels and Joy of Momma Joyner to bring you another FUN blog hop called Thankfully Handmade! This event will run from 12:01am EST Monday November 5, 2012 through 11:59pm EST Sunday November 18, 2012. It's super easy to join in on the fun of getting ready for the Fall Season!

Rules to Participate:
•You must have at least a $25 prize/package together to be given away during the event. It can be anything that is handmade.
•Participation is completely FREE! All we ask is for you to write a post encouraging other bloggers to join in the fun! Put the link to the blog post in the form when you sign up.
•Anyone Worldwide is able to Participate!!
•The blog that refers the most blogs will receive a $20 paypal credit!!

If you have any questions feel free to email Trista at or Courtney at

You will definitely want to join us in this FUN Event! But you've got to HURRY! Sign-ups will end as soon as there are 25 blogs participating OR by November 5, 2012! Your spot on the Linky will be determined by how soon you fill out the form. GO HERE TO SIGN UP!


*Feel free to use the information in this blog post in your own posts about this event!* And make sure to say that Adventures of Mommyhood/Amanda referred you when you sign up!

American Girl Giveaway Event!!

Win an American Girl Doll of YOUR CHOICE!
Welcome to the American Girl Doll Giveaway Event hosted by Daily Mothering and a fantastic group of family-friendly bloggers! We are excited to bring you the chance to win your favorite American Girl Doll! The holidays are right around the corner and this is a great opportunity to win a dream gift for the special little princess in your life!

Which American Girl Doll would you choose? ONE winner will be able to select ANY of the current American Girl Dolls available at Choose from the Historical Characters, Girl of the Year, or customize your own My American Girl.
Here are just a few of the dolls you could pick from!

This giveaway is open to USA and Canada, and ends October 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

Winner will receive the prize via an Gift Card valued at $105.00 (USD).

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

Complete the first entry to unlock the rest.

Remember, the more entries you submit, the better odds you have of winning!