All Cups are not created Equal!

This is such a simple, tiny detail in having a baby-turned toddler in the house. You get so many sippy cups for your shower, and it seems like decades before you'll actually use one in your home. The time comes sooner than you'd believe.

We started sippy cups around 8 months old I think, with water only. We tried Nuk brand. We tried Playtex. We tried the cute ones with the double handles and the glitter and floaty animals in the clear double walled up. We tried CamelBak style spouts. My kiddo would either not get any or drown. The glittery cup leaked. None of them were ideal.

Enter Take N Toss from the local Walmart/Target/Kmart stores! Bingo. I felt like I had struck mama gold with these cheap solutions. You get 5-6 cups with lids in a package for about $3. They make the traditional sippy cup lid and they make lids that have straws. We prefer the straw lid cups now, but we have both. Since we can afford a few packages, we have cups and both sets of grandparents houses. I have multiples in my car. In the diaper bag. Everywhere. They are an absolute godsend of drinking solutions!

This is not a review, or a paid or sponsored post. Take N Toss doesn't even know that I wrote this, but I just needed to share this far and wide. They are awesome.

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  1. I will have to check these out! I've been looking for a reusable cup with a straw for our baby to use to drink smoothies and pureed foods. A friend told me about those store bought pouches of baby food with the little spout they can sip out of. We bought a few and they work great for camping and babysitter's house but they are so expensive. I want to make my own purees/smoothies and have a bunch of reusable cups with straws and was looking all over for cups like this so you saved the day mama :)