Barnyard Bag Ladies Tote Review & 1st Annual Hunter's Hop Sponsor Spotlight

Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for!!! The 1st Annual Hunter's Hop----SPONSOR HIGHLIGHT TIME!!!
Everyone knows I LOVE products that are upcycled, repurposed and a little bit greener. Save the Coach purses, I'd rather have a bag that is being given another chance at life! I've told you about recycled sails becoming amazing messenger bags all the way from Italy, now, I'm going to show you some super fab feed bags that have been turned into the best tote you'll ever own!

Barnyard Bag Ladies is a small business run by two friendly and crafty gals--Janice and Cindy! The story of their companies' start is a really neat one! And, one that I am all too familiar with, but just not as creative or talented to turn my "waste" into something wonderful! You see, Cindy wanted to recycle her chicken feed bags, but the plastic was non-recyclable. Janice is the seamstress behind the business, and together, they make gorgeous, super durable totes and messenger bags! I too have chicken feed bags stacked up in the tack shed and occasionally I am able to reuse them for hauling something when a garbage bag is just not strong enough, but for the most part, I've been stumped as to how they might be repurposed. This is such an ingenius way!
So, knowing that these bags were amazing, you cannot even imagine how excited I was when this awesome upcycled package came in the mail for me... Yes---they even repurpose the scraps from other feed bags to save using new shipping materials! That makes me want to hug the both of them! I LOVE the greener packaging! You can read the rest of their story on their website--it truly makes me think that we are kindred spirits!

And within the super cool-because-it-was-recycled package was...

I am a bird nerd through and through. True, I was an ornithologist for a while before becoming a mama, but I think the birder in me has always been a big part of my personality!  So, even though they have really gnarly bucks on the deer feed bags that are way cool, I had to go for a bird bag. This will proudly carry my binos, field guides, lunch and warmies during the Christmas Bird Count this year! (And I've already been using it as my daily bag and loving it!) I got a great compliment on it the first day that I went into work at my dispatch office. My boss loved it! So, since I only work a very small number of days each year, I felt pretty smug comin' back in style!

As you can see, the stitching is super sturdy. Oh, and they're made in the USA! Atlanta, Georgia, to be exact! It's hard to find US-made items these days! So, be proud of you bag! The bags won't disappoint, but if you aren't satisfied, return the bag for a full refund. THAT is also a hard guarantee to find these days!

Here is the color-coordinated inside of my tote. Perfect for this time of year, right?! The bottom is a sturdy cardboard-type material wrapped in the cool Halloween fabric, so the bag keeps it's shape and can stand up and support itself. You can also see the handles are not plastic or flimsy. They are a really thick jute-like strap that can accomodate all that I could pack into this bag! I use it as a diaper bag, to carry my lunch--pretty much my "day pack" that I throw in the car when we'll be away from the house all day.
The reason that I think these bags would be awesome for hunting season is not only the big rack bucks that are featured on the bags to really give you an extra incentive to get out in the woods, but also because I can fit all of my gear in one bag. Now, the only downfall is that you obviously wouldn't want to bring this bag out into your deer stand, since it does crackle when it moves. So, to be stealthy, leave it in the car. I was thinking it would be used more for your overnight bag to the hunting shack or for having snacks and a change of clothes or something in the car for when you hike back out of the woods at night, that kind of thing. It's like a giant hunting ditty bag!
Since these are feed bags, for those of you that don't have experience toting the heavy bags around the yard while they are holding the feed, not only are they durable, they are also pretty easy to wipe clean. The material is a lot like a dog food bag (and some of the totes are from pet food bags) but some of the feed bags are even stronger than that! But the easy-wipe surface means you can clean your bag without much fuss! Just remove the cute inner bottom platform, since it is cloth and wipe away! Easy as that! It really is easy being green!

Another fun aspect? They make messenger style shoulder bags too! For those of you that need a little less space but just as much green-minded style! There are so many adorable bags to choose from! You really need to check out the entire gallery of bags on the Barnyard Bag Ladies website!

One lucky reader will get to choose from the "deer/hunting" totes that are in the gallery and will win it! How cool is that? These are really REALLY awesome bags -- SO fun & functional! You can purchase them at the Barnyard Bag Ladies website. You can also enter here to win one! Good luck! Make sure when you stop by to Like the BYBL Facebook page, you also say THANK YOU for sponsoring a great prize for the Hunter's Hop and let them know Amanda @ Adventures of Mommyhood sent you!


  1. I love these bags. They look a lot more durable than the other bags I have. Plus all the cute designs!

  2. I wish I was as creative as these gals! I have feed sacks galore around our farm. I love what they are doing with the upcycling, and their work is outstanding!

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