I Drink Aloe.

You heard me right! I drink aloe. Everyday. It's delicious! It's also mango flavored and is a great part in the Herbalife product line! I was a little scared the first time I had a shot, I'm not going to lie to you. I was thinking about the gelatinous goo that I slather on my skin when I'm beet red in the summertime. I had no idea that it could be pretty benign and yet delicious!

The aloe comes in a liquid concentrate form as well as powder. I use the powder form. A shot a day is like a multivitamin for your belly! It aids in digestion. It's quite refreshing! I sometimes put the aloe powder right in with my shake to give it a little extra flavor. I've also discovered that pairing Aloe Powder with Hydrate. It is amazing. I love this combination! Just as I had a tea addiction, now I'm coping with my Hydrate/Aloe love affair! Good thing I've formed healthy addictions, right?! Well, I am joking a bit, I know that moderation is the key to life, so I do not recommend drinking 10 packets of Hydrate and a jar of aloe powder in a sitting. Or even a day or week! But, I do enjoy the combo often.

This stuff helps to keep your digestive tract healthy while also supporting immunity! The aloe improves your nutrient absorption, so you can really use food as fuel. It can also help with mild indigestion and has antioxidants to keep you healthy and sharp!

I'm feeling great and a lot of the credit goes to Dave, my Herbalife distributor for helping me find the products that will work best for me! Like his Facebook page and feel free to ask him any questions about Aloe or any other Herbalife products that you may be interested in! Making the connection could really change the way you FEEL each day!

If you are ready to try Herbalife and you don't even want to waste another moment reading about it, give Dave a shout through his Great Shape Today page and he'll set you up, and as you're enjoying YOUR aloe, you can come back and catch up on your reading!!! Have a great day! You can lose weigh and be healthy NOW! Ask Dave how!


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