Cinagro Farm Hair Falls Review Spotlight

Okay, so some of you saw the sneak peek of the 'Primal' Hair Falls by Cinagro Farm. Here is the whole story! First of all, I need you all to go 'Like' Angie's Cinagro Farm Facebook page.

She has great content--from adorable pictures of baby calves to her newest items in the Etsy shop--including a new bunch of mini-hair falls clips! Make sure you tell her not only THANK YOU for sponsoring a gift card to her shop for the Thankfully Handmade Giveaway Hop, but also let her know that her items are unique and naturally beautiful---or whatever words move your soul when you see her art!
An example of a beautiful mini clip.

The names that accompany the hair falls are incredibly telling of not only the spirit of the piece, but also of Angie herself. She was such a delight to message back and forth with! About life and all sorts of nature-related things! It would be cool to be her neighbor--I would love to see the farm and take a tour! Not to mention, see her roll and craft all of these great artistic accessories! There is an absolute appreciation of nature, and all of the gifts and bounty that the earth gives to us, everyday in each of the hair falls and clips Angie makes. She uses sustainable means (such as gathering fallen feathers) in making her falls. Like us, Angie's family has chickens AND a nearby pheasant farm. She also finds some of the 'wild' feathers on nature walks.
Here is a feather/bead combo, adorning the end of a wool dread from my falls.

I really wish I would have had my hair falls to see Mason Jennings and Jack Johnson in concert. It would have been a great place to sport them! (I'd have been worried about someone spilling a microbrew or something on them though, in the midst of all the action of in the dancing and roaming I did!)

Inspired by nature but enhanced by upcycled vintage jewelry from thrift stores, these are handmade, green gifts for yourself or someone you love to enjoy! The conditions that the items in the Cinagro Farm Etsy shop are made are just that---on a farm! A family farm, uniquely producing each piece, from growing the birds that drop the feathers to the thought and care that goes into decorating each one... This is American art. As you can see from the pictures, both borrowed from Cinagro Farm's shop and my own of my 'Primal' hair falls, the colors are extremely vibrant and emulate fall in the Midwest for me! The others like 'Gaia' and 'Galactic Summit,' remind me of mermaids and summer in Alaska next to a glacier, respectively.

Here is 'Galactic Summit' in a hair falls, available in the Cinagro Etsy shop.

As some of you know, I have rekindled my love affair with running, and I was lucky enough to have my hair falls for an October Audubon 5k this fall. I felt so wonderfully 'at home' with my woolly, feathery addition to my ensemble!! I shaved 4 minutes off of my run time and I was able to mingle with an American Kestrel and a tiny Screech Owl. I think they may have accepted me as an odd pheasant or something, judging from my plumage! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that day, since it was a ME day and I left the fam at home, along with the camera! But, I've put my falls through the ringer, including that day---the impact of running didn't jostle my cool coif out of place AND there was a steady drizzle that morning, and the humidity didn't seem to hurt them or change them either.
Here is another view of the great autumn colors in my 'Primal' hair falls.

I've not come across more beautiful hair accessories ever. These falls are so pretty and unique while also very obviously made with passion and quality. Angie was so fun and inspiring to communicate with! She shipped to me super fast and was only a message away if I needed any information. I do wish I had known about Cinagro Farm before my wedding---I would have used a hair falls instead of a veil to really make a beautiful natural statement! I'm sure she could create something epic for a bride!
I adore the contrasting colors of this feather set and antler bead from my 'Primal' hair falls!

I wear my falls shopping and out for cocktails with the girls. My friends all call me eccentric, but I call me AWESOME. There is no shortage of compliments and looks of amazement and wonder thrown my way when I wear my falls. Since I live in a pretty conservative area, I'm certain in 15,000 people, I am likely the only one with hair falls. I think I've seen 2 people at our small community college with dreads, but I believe they had to really work for theirs, as it was definitely their actual hair. I've long been a fan of dreads, but I have very thin and fine hair, so I would have about 3 dreads total if I were to try the conventional approach. Angie was able to make my dream come true by crafting something I can add INTO my hair, rather than try to make my hair defy my genetics! What's really neat is that as old school as my town seems, even the older ladies actually admire the craftsmanship of the hair falls and ask kind questions about it. 

I am a hunter. A subsistence enthusiast and practitioner. My husband and I spend much of our time out and about with our little one, hunting, fishing, collecting, picking, and gathering many of the natural sources of sustenance that our region boasts. We harvest our own wild rice and we have been enjoying white-tailed deer hunting most recently. Some of the beadwork within the hairfalls are antler beads, another sustainable element of the pieces. Antlers (for those of you that may not know) are shed from the pedicle of the deers' head each year, and antler hunting or "shed" hunting is a pretty popular hobby in many areas. Antlers can be used for beads, knife hilts, door knobs, and many other applications--but I do have to say they make very handsome embellishments in the hair falls!

Can you imagine how your hands might feel after rolling these bad boys? What talent & patience!

It makes my heart happy to hear my toddler say "mama" when he sees the hair falls hanging on a hook (where I keep jewelry too) near our bathroom. Obviously, he associates the rovings, feathers, and beads with me, which makes me very happy! I feel like a goddess wearing my hair falls, I may even wear them substitute teaching next week--teach the Kindergarteners about feathers and antlers and sustainability! Maybe we'll even do a craft time inspired by Cinagro Farm!

There is no bad place to wear a hair accessory like these beautiful falls. The newest addition to the Etsy shop -- "Galactic Summit" is to die for. It's vibrant and lovely! And, YOU can win a gift card to Angies shop, to put toward something ethereal and earthy! Or, maybe Angie can work with you on something truly your own, crafted by her artistic genius. Anytime that you'd like you can also BUY whatever suits your fancy from the Cinagro Farm Etsy shop.

Make sure you stop by the shop take advantage of her 25% off discount, in honor of supporting local and small businesses everywhere this holiday season!


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  3. There are so many items that I love in her shop...especially that third eye hair clip! :-)