Diesel Lace Designs Review Spotlight

I have a unique Hunting Hop giveaway package. I stayed away from gear FOR the hunt and found things that you could enjoy that are hunting-minded, but not necessarily needed to bag the big buck or take down some flighty pheasants.

Now, we'll take a look at some great GREEN jewelry! Have you ever gotten done hunting and saved your expired casings for keepsakes? Picked them up just so that you wouldn't be littering in the woods? Have you saved them for sentimental value, wondering what you will ever do with them, only to find years later that they are still just rolling around in a shoebox? Well, Diesel Lace Designs has found a trendy way to upcycle those casings and give them a second SHOT at life...(pardon the cheesy pun!)

Here is a really pretty ring, similar to the one I received -- just a little more blingin'! And mine was from a Colt 45. There are many calibers to choose from.
Tyler is the newly married and talented creator of the items in the Diesel Lace Designs Etsy store. He was super friendly to work with and has such a cool selection of jewelry and other neat and upcycled casing-related steampunk creations!
I really love how the brass makes the gems pop!

Not only do they have rings and earrings, they have custom Xbox controllers for the men-folk (or the lovely ladies that like to game it!) There are cufflinks and boots for weddings--this place is a seriously unique stronghold for all things casing-creative!

For me, the ring and earrings I tried are adorable and I love to sport them (especially now, during rifle season!) I am sensitive to certain metals, but so far in my wearing the earrings, no problems. [I even have to clear nail polish coat the backs of my jeans buttons!] So, I think it's safe to say that these earrings don't make me react.

The size as proptioned to your ear is perfect. I like that you can get plain rounds (like the ones I am sporting) or some bejeweled studs. I'm pretty sure you can find most every birthstone color in the shop's selection.

Here are all of the colors/gems available:

Lt. Rose
Blue Zircon
Lavender Purple
Emerald Dark Green
Light Yellow
Smoked Topaz
Cobalt Blue
Amethyst Purple
Light Purple
Silver Hematite
Citrine Yellow
Light Sapphire Blue
Jet Hematite
Light Siam Red

For those of you that are avid hunters or sportsmen, wouldn't it be great to have all the wedding party (or at least the bride and groom) having matching cuff links and earrings? You can enter to WIN some original casing jewelry or you can go on over to the Diesel Lace Design Etsy shop and snoop around 'til you find what you like and BUY it!


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