Is it just me?

Alright, as with the natural state of flux in my life, I went in to sub yesterday morning. Feeling confident, totally on time, things were going great.

Then, I was switched out to 2nd grade, trumped by another sub that ONLY does Kindergarten. I was told "count your blessings," by a para-professional at the school. So, I felt lucky.

ENTER 2nd graders.

The first one came in and told me, "You are creepy." After my "good morning" greeting to her. Great start. And, I totally don't consider myself creepy, by elementary standards! Haha!

Then, the rest of the class came in. The first thing I heard was "Jesus Christ!" I didn't know 7-ish year olds said things like that in public. Then, lots name-calling. Someone yelled "Aaron bit me!" This was all before 9am!

I quickly identified the 3 problem starters that instigated within the whole classroom. I only had to have a para come get them 3 times that day. And it REALLY helped! They are GREAT at what they do!

Oral Dictation: Trouble Maker #1 hands in his paper with only his name and one word on the paper. I guess it WAS spelled correctly, but ASS was NOT a spelling word!

Math: Counting Buttons. Totally failed. I was so frazzled by 15 kids all yelling, talking, and asking for help at once that I could barely add 8 + 6 + 7 = ??? Haha! I did try to remember though, that even though I tried to get their assignments done, I was more importantly there to keep them safe and basically babysit.

Oh, did I mention that there was a fire drill?!?! OF COURSE there was a fire drill! Why wouldn't there be a fire drill my first time in that school!?!?

Social Studies: Cornucopia. Not the only part of the day that reminded me of the Hunger Games!!! We used safety scissors to cut out fruit/veggies for the paper cornucopia. They were supposed to color, cut, and write words of thank on the paper. I think 2 kids managed to get most of this done. Probably 7 or so were doing something entirely different -- ranging from playing piano to crawling under desks. One girl had a sizable pile of her own hair sitting on her desk. Holy shit! I cannot believe that 7 yr olds act like this!

During our class meeting, one kiddo said that he watched a scary movie called "Saw." I CANNOT believe anyone would let a child watch this. I don't even watch it because it's so horrible. I'm not one of those movie nazis that think television and video games are the absolute cause of societal problems, but really? A 2nd grader watching Saw? You don't think that's a little extreme, parents?!? I got a lot of reports that they were with one parent or the other during the weekend, making me feel like the entire class came from separated familys.

Lastly, one of the "trouble-makers" got a note from the office that said he'd being going to Location X instead of his regular Location Z today after school and he just about cried saying "I don't want to go home." That made ME just about cry. I felt so bad for the kiddo!

So, that was just some of the highlights and low points of the day --- I also got about 5 hugs. *Which, on a sidenote I was wondering if that was even ALLOWED for the teacher to get a hug these days?* Or, if in this super-padded ultra offensive world we live in, there had been a lawsuit at some point that made it inappropriate to receive a hug from a student?

My question and what I thought about ALL day was this: Is it just me, or are kids these days really horrible!?!? And, in response to my thinking that, I immediately ammended that thought to: ARE PARENTS THAT BAD TODAY?!? I cannot imagine uttering such disrespectful garbage as an elementary student (it wasn't until maybe senior year that I even thought about swearing in front of a teacher, and even then, it's one of my biggest regrets!) I cannot imagine getting to watch R-rated morbid, disgusting movies. Even if I "snuck" to watch something creepy or vulgar and my parents didn't know about it right away, it wouldn't have been anything as bad as Saw. And, they wouldn't have knowingly let me watch it.

Is it just me? Does anyone else feel like a candidate for Doomsday Preppers --- thinking that society is going to collapse because of the rotten beasts we're raising?!?!

*Please note: I do not actually think children on the whole are rotten beasts. I think children are usually a product of their environment, exposure to love, and genetics. I have a dash of sarcasm in posting this. I am being somewhat sarcastic here, BUT, I really do think there is a vast difference between "the good old days" and now. And it is scary. And sad.


  1. whoa that sounds like a horrendous day. :o( Second graders? Really?

  2. You are not the only one! I constantly receive comments on well behaved my kids are and my first response is "really?". Obviously they did not take a close look at my crayola graffitied walls!

    My boys are 2 & 4 and two days a week I watch a little girl who is 3. For he most part she is well-behaved, but when her mom comes she starts jumping on my couch like a monkey and slaps her mom in the face (while asking me if my kids find ways to climb on my counters to rummage through the cabinets)) while her brother chases my kids around the house with a pocket knife and encourages my 4 year old to touch it...