Jenny's Tidal Treasures Sponsor Review Spotlight #Thankfully Handmade

greaJenny is the crafty lady behind Jenny's Tidal Treasures Etsy shop! You can also find Jenny and her creations on Facebook -- let her know she rocks and that Amanda sent you! She is so full of enthusiasm and might I say, talent! I was really excited to see her creations in real life! This little box came to my mailbox and it was a delight to open!!

Inside the cute little box were cute little earrings!

Ever since living on the ocean, I've been enamored with sea glass. It's natural upcycling! All of the garbage that is laced in the ocean waters gets beaten and pulverized and eventually, ends up on shore much of the time. The glass that gets broken, sloshed around, polished and washed up is often sought out by beachcombers all over the shorelines of the world. Where I was in Alaska, people would find whole glass floats from old maritime ships -- these were true collectors items! I was happy with pieces of colorful glass though. And, I found a few pieces, but they just got tossed into my jar of beach goodies. Jenny has taken beachcombing and nature's upcycling to a new level by making gorgeous jewelry from what she finds!

What's really neat is because of the nature of how the materials come about, there can never be 2 pieces that are the same --- not even 2 earrings in a set! These pieces of glass are closely matched, but they are never the same. These earrings are set in a silver fishhook style earring and are wrapped with a VERY lightweight wire. They are simply and dainty but completely green, unique and stylish!

She also uses stones, shells, and driftwood---other great beachcombing treasures to craft all sorts of items like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, windchimes, and other household decorations. Jenny can do custom orders if there is something you have an idea to make! Jenny embellishes a lot of her great glass finds with other beads, charms and jewels to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art for you! I am loving the earrings -- they are super lightweight and are not something you find in every store in the mall! I like being different and these earrings definitely set you apart from the crowd! Take a look at Jenny's Tidal Treasures Etsy shop to see all of the totally neat jewelry creations that are on display! While you're there, since you're going to love all her work, you should spread the love and "heart" her shop! You can WIN a necklace from her shop by entering my Thankfully Handmade giveaway hop, since Jenny is a fabulous sponsor! Or, you can shop around and BUY whatever your heart desires (these make great green glittery glass gifts for loved ones!)

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  1. Wow! She really gets these pieces to make her jewelery from the beach? I could never find stones & this beautiful as a kid :-)