Sneak a Peek at this!!

So, I've been wearing this for a while. You want to know something fun? You can win it! Enter the Thankfully Handmade hop to win a gift card to this awesome store!! And, bonus points to the Hunting Hop Giveaway!!! Win - Win!!! You know where you can find this killer look? Cinagro Farm's Etsy shop!!!

Here is our family of scallywags, mama is sporting the Hair Falls...
 Here is my side profile, sorry for the slight blur, a toddler was nearby!!

Here is the closer pirate crew! The falls were such a super addition!
Here is a photo of the same hair falls, from Cinagro's Etsy shop!

Hair Falls have hunting flair... Attitude
...and even casual style!!

Oh -- And, I rocked it for my Halloween costume as a pirate wench as well! It's such a veratile piece and fits into my lifestyle in almost every way! (My toddler loves to play with the beads and touch the wool and feathers.) This aspect saved us in many a line at stores when he would otherwise be bored!

So,  check out the Cinagro Farm Etsy shop!!! Like Cinagro Farm on Facebook and enter BOTH giveaways to claim the bonus points for this gnarly prize! Make sure to let them know how awesome they are too! The Cinagro Facebook Page always has great photos and tidbits about farm life and livin' green! Go!


  1. What a cute little family:-) Love it!

  2. I would get this:

  3. Would love to get anything! This Mama needs a makeover!