Sundog Shirts Review Spotlight

So, when I set out finding goodies for the hunting hop, I found a lot of your typical hunting type shirts. I like to have a laugh (all the time it seems!) and when I saw the shirt at Sundog Shirts that said Beer? I knew it was calling my name.

I'm a dork. A word nerd. So, the combination of Deer + Bear = bear with antlers (Beer?) was just hilarious. It was a play on words and pictures! As I looked through the stock online at the SunDog Shirts shop, I found many examples of the same fun humor!

I'm not one to wear tacky or crude shirts, but this Beer? shirt spoke to me in a lighthearted and fun way. I think it's perfect whether your sitting in your deer stand or sitting in the bar after harvesting your critter. Wear it at home or to bed. I daresay that even most schools (at least the ones in my area) would probably not have a problem with a shirt like this. It's intelligent humor---it would actually be good for an English class!

My point is, SunDog Shirts is one of those places where you truly can find something for every quirky person on your list! From the hunters to the word nerds to the sweetest granny on the block. They are quality from start to finish--as you can see, my shirt was printed on a Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirt in an adult large. The fit was great and true to size and after 7 washings, there is no sign of wear on the printed front of the shirt.

There are over 100 t-shirts in the store to choose from and there is even a place to submit your own art. There are 11 "hunting" themed shirts alone. You can do several styles-including hoodies. You can WIN a SunDog Shirts hunting-themed t-shirt by entering HERE or you can always go look through the stock in the store and BUY one!! Make sure when you stop to like their Facebook and follow on Twitter that you say you came from Adventures of Mommyhood and say thanks for sponsoring!

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