#Thankfully Handmade Sponsor Review Spotlight - Petal Connection

Simona is the lovely lady and creative guru behind Petal Connection. She and her pretty jewelry can be found at Wedding Flower Jewelry, the Petal Connection Etsy shop, and on her main website.

Petal Connection is where you can find super unique jewelry for every occasion. These items are just as individual as the butterflies, flowers, and plants that they are derived from! I chose some very brilliantly colored wing earrings from a Blue Morpho Butterfly. I love many butterflies and moths, but the Blue Morpho holds a special spot in my soul from my days studying in Costa Rica when I actually saw one flit across the sky. Jungle-dwelling butterflies, Blue Morphos can be found in much of Central and parts of South America.

Here is a photo feature so many of the pretties you can find from Petal Connection!

These cool earrings are what I would call "reversible" if  they were a garment!! They are blue on one side and kind of a tan/iridescent color on the other. When the butterflies are mid-air, the blue as seen from below blends in with the sky color and from above or the side, on each wing beat, the butterfly sort of "disappears" -- both are helpful for escaping potential predators! That side also features some 'owl eye' spots. No matter what, this is a very gnarly bit of glamorous nature to sport! But, for fashion purposes -- it matches 2 outfits and makes them that much more fun!

Here is the iridescent blue (front) side of the Blue Morpho wings!

And here is one wing flipped to the "disappear" and "owl eye" side. Cool, right?

As delicate as butterfly wings are, the coating over these makes them not-so-fragile, which is one aspect that I really love about these earrings. I have a pair that are darling, that are made from real fish scales and they are so delicate I cannot wear them! With a small toddler, you need jewelry that will withstand all sorts of torment! These earrings pass the toddler test! You can find lots of great photos and information about Petal Connection via Facebook too! Go ahead, "like" Petal Connection and show Simona some love! You'll get lots of updates on the goings-on of the shop and the photos will keep you drooling and hinting to your closest friends and family when it comes to birthdays and holidays!!

Here is a shot of the thickness of this earring. It's not paper-thin, and it feels like great quality!

The most admirable and awesome fact about these great works of wearable art is that they are made from "end of life" butterflies--so no butterflies were captured from their wild habitat to make earrings!

And, just for a bit of a reference, here is a quarter next to a wing earring.

You know how I'm always talking about "if I would have known about this before my wedding...." Well, Petal Connection fits into that category! I would have loved to have made my something blue a pretty flower pendant or my Blue Morpho earrings! Instead, I was lame and had blue underwear. Flower Wedding Jewelry specializes in making your special day even more special by handcrafting the most amazing blooms to compliment any brides color scheme! They would also make very sincere personal gifts for your wedding party! Perhaps the most original and practical application of Simona's talents for brides are bouquet preservation skills!!! How many of you have a dried up old dusty bunch of roses or something on your bedroom wall? How about some blooms or petals from your bridal bouquet pressed in a book -- you're not sure which book since it's been so many years but by golly, you're saving part of your beautiful, expensive bouquet! Yeah---that's totally me. I wish I had known about this artful service too! Make sure if you're a bride-to-be or if you're in the wedding party of a good friend and want to do something really special for a gift, that you check out the Wedding Flower Jewelry page and learn all about it!

ENTER TO WIN your own cool Petal Connection nature bling or, visit one of Simona's pages to BUY whatever you'd like! Make sure when you're boppin' around visiting her sites and pages that you tell her THANK YOU for being a great Thankfully Handmade sponsor!

Disclosure: I received a pair of earrings to complete this review spotlight. I did not receive any other compensation and opinions are 100% my own and honest.**


  1. These earrings are absolutely beautiful!

    1. My favorite has to be the blue morpho pendant and earrings :-)

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love the flip side too.

  3. These are so cool! I didn't know that one side of a butterfly's wings are iridescent so they can blend in with the sky. Crazy!

  4. Beautiful! I've always loved Blue Morphos, myself! =)