Thankvember Blog Hop Day 5

Okay, this is day 5 of the Thankvember Blog hop, but I'm just starting, so I'll post tonight and then retro-post the prior 4 days.

Candy Makes the World Go 'Round

I am thankful today for Snickers. Now, continue reading, it's not as silly and shallow as it sounds. I didn't just finish eating one and decide that I'm thankful for it. No, the Snickers symbolizes much more...

I was child-free today, following a Grant Writing class that I am part of I decided to quickly grab some things at Walmart (which I always dread) and run some errands. I was going into the dreaded big box store to get some totes, to organize my house that feels like I'm living in a storage unit. So, I went in through Lawn & Garden. No carts. Great. I didn't want to walk all the way to the other entrance of the store just for a cart, so I decided maybe this was a good thing---I would ONLY get the totes, no side items--I would be able to carry them, stacked, no cart needed.

So, I grabbed 4 totes with lids and 2 large tubs with plastic rope handles. I really wanted my dark chocolate, but since in our town's Walmart the food aisles are WAYYYY on the other side, I decided against it. I was only about 4 aisles into the store, and I had a ton of large, wide-load style totes that I was toting! Still, do you think anyone, including employees of the store would budge an inch to let me pass more easily? Not the old white-haired ladies either. No one. [This is a big reason I despise visiting the big box stores -- oozing with rudeness.] I made it to the lawn & garden checkout.

A lady in front of me strikes up a conversation about something random, I forget now... But, then we get talking about totes, organization, her daughter with 4 kids -- 2 twins in hockey, etc. She has a cart with some really cute home decor inside and tells me that she picked up a few things for her poor, stressed daughter. I thought, "wow, that's so nice!" As we are both waiting she opens her bag of fun-size Snickers and offers me one. I hesitate, though I truly want one, since I opted out of getting my own candy and I'm a total addict. She reads it on my face, and we enjoy a laugh and conversation over a fun-size Snickers. She gives me one more "just in case" for the ride home.  I told her "she made my day." It wasn't a lie. That single act of kindness and generosity made me optimistic that there still are some good people in the world. She ended up telling me she was a pastor at a local church, I just may look her up sometime in the future and try to "make her day." So, today I am thankful for Snickers. Without that little candy bar, I would not have had my belief in the goodness of people reignited by a stranger.

(It also helped to calm my nerves when it was finally my turn and I found one tote was cracked, so I had to trek back and replace it, effectively giving up my place in line. Haha!) kind!!!


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