#Thankvember Day 7 - It's Over.

Today, I am thankful that: 

1) Obama will remain president

2) Some states shot down their discriminatory marriage amendment

3) a couple of states passed an amendment allowing gay marriage

4) Elizabeth Warren won

5) the election is over, without needing massive recounts and I do hope that the political signs, ads, and mail will follow suit and end soon!

6) My child only screamed a little in the polling place, so it was pretty successful!

7) I think I had a very well thought-out, civil conversation with friends about some of our polling choices -- a NICE chat, not butting heads but actually a back and forth volley!

8) My husband and I are on the 'same page' politically, so it does not cause chaos for us maritally!

9) The weekend looks BEAutiful.

10) I am getting caught up slowly on life.


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