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Fun Hangover

Oh man! It's been almost 2 weeks -- full of holidays, vacations, one funeral, sadly, and so much traveling! I left off telling you about the waterpark weekend we had planned. We drove for hours to get to Mall of America and Waterpark of America. It was so WORTH it!

We probably spent 15 hours over the course of the weekend in the pool. I was worse than a kid. I didn't want to leave and jumped at any chance to go take a 'quick swim' again! My son (not quite 2) LOVED it as well, was bored with the lazy river after a few times, and wanted to go on the bigger slides! He was a champ! We did take him down the 10 story slide successfully, and he thought it was so fun, but we didn't test our luck twice -- deciding it was probably a little sketchy the first time.
Then, we toured SEA Life, the aquarium at Mall of America. It was really neat for science dorks like my husband and I, but my son was just too little to truly appreciate the wonder of so many species of fishes and turtles being close at hand. We did a 'behind the scenes' tour -- well worth the extra $5 each for adult passes to see how the aquarium works. We thought it was really neat -- again, the boy was a little too young but did great with the hour long talk.
Then, on to Nickelodeon Universe, where he rode like 20 rides and had a blast. He kept signing "more" after each one. The first 3 rides ended in tears, because he didn't quite understand that when we take him off of the ride, it's to get ON to another one! It was so precious!
We had such a blast, all weekend. Even now, almost 2 weeks later, we still look back fondly at the mini-trip and have what we can only term as a "Fun Hangover!" We were actually sad to go and are still catching ourselves thinking about how nice it would be to float the lazy river, get an adrenaline shot going down the body slides, or simply stroll around a giant mall. It was such a simple trip -- even what we thought might be boring, since we are typically OUTDOOR adventurers, but in the face of winter, this was a great getaway!

Make a Splash!

We are planning a super fun-filled weekend in the cement jungle of the Twin Cities. We plan to do a little waterpark action, some shopping, and lots of adventuring, as usual!

The adventures will be INDOOR this weekend. It's a long drive, so if we survive THAT portion of the trip, the rest will be a piece of cake. Generally, we get 1.5 hours of good travel during naptime. How the rest of the journey goes? That's up to our munchkin. He's at that magically age of unpredictability--all the more adventure, right?

We plan to take in Mall of America and especially SEA Life. We haven't decided what places to eat within the mall, but it will have to be family-friendly, so sorry hubby, no Hooters! We are thinking the Rainforest Cafe though. It may not have the best food available from all the culinary choices, but at least the din of the rainforest critters will drown out any loud toddler noises we make! And, it will give him plenty to look at!

I am pretty sure those two places will take up our entire weekend, but if there is time to spare, I'd love to check out the Como Zoo and the Children's Museum as well. So, if I'm MIA from social media, you know why! We will be havin' a blast, makin' a splash, monkeying around, and all other forms of fun-having you can think of! Have a great weekend!


We're going on a trip. It's about 200 miles one way, and I always have my husband change my cars' oil at 3,000 miles. I set my trip meter, so it's like clockwork. It happened to tick to 3,000 yesterday--perfect timing.

So, since there is 5 inches of snow on the ground, I'll need to put the car in the garage to let it thaw out so hubby can crawl under and drop the oil.

In order to pull the car into the garage, I need to move the 8 boxes of random stuff my parents brought during their last visit, effectively forcing me to vacate completely from their nest, with all of my belongings from the last 10 years.

I might as well go through the boxes and decide what I'm keeping and what the mice have claimed as their own, since I'm going to be out there anyway. I find some really great treasures. It's truly like Christmas. Three boxes of crazy stuff needs to come inside.

Since we've been busy with deer season and wreath-making, I've let the house get cluttered. I should really make a point to clean the kitchen table off before I introduce more junk into the house. But, now I can haul the boxes in from the garage and I guess I could just set them in the entryway.

So now, I can pull my car in, but I need to clean out the inside of my car in order to make our trip more relaxing. I now have another box to go into the house. I can get my oil changed though, since my car will be able to thaw out.

Now, I will need to find all of our swimsuits and some of our 'nicer' clothing for our little vacation outing...... Too bad I created so much clutter with the boxes from the garage and car, I'll have to clean that up first, so that I can have a space to lay out what we're packing and to place our suitcases.

THIS IS MY LIFE. Do you see, how it's just really quite comical how you set out to do one simple thing and 24 hours later, you're lucky if it is done?! With each task I usually have 20 other smaller, complimentary tasks to do! Oiy!

The weather outside is frightful, but with my new carrier, we'll make it delightful!!

We just got our new Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 from FedEx today. It's naptime right now, so of course I'm battling my little monster, trying to get him to sleep. BUT, when he wakes up, it's ON!!

We have miles of trails behind our home, so since there is only 5" of snow so far, and it's all fluffy powder, we will be takin' a hike!

I'm so stoked to have a new kids carrier, I cannot wait to test the limits of this one!!! We got blue. It's a really pretty bright blue!

-- Ever since working in the dense rainforests of Alaska, I have opted for colors that stick out against the natural backdrop. They had black, green, red and blue. Red would be the best option, but I sort of despise red, so I chose blue. Unless I'm facedown in a lake, blue should stick out...and if I AM facedown in a lake, I don't think at that point color would matter! --

So, have a lovely afternoon! We will be walking in a winter wonderland!

Giveaway Tools vs. Rafflecopter - Make the switch?

Hey everyone! So, you may be frustrated with Rafflecopter. I am too. I am going to try to switch to Giveaway Tools --- it's the "new" thing. The up-and-coming way to do these great giveaways you love. BUT, I need your help. BLOGGER friends, this means you.

Even if you never plan to use Giveaway Tools, I need people to sign up under my link in order to move me up the wait list to get invited to use it. I know, dumb. It's just like Pinterest. Creating a big stir, when really, I'm sure that EVERYONE will be admitted. But, I guess I need to jump through the hoops. So, if you could, sign up to use Giveaway Tools under my link, I'd love it!

Click here to do so.

It's 3 questions - name, email, and URL.


A note to my readers!!!

Hi everyone. Yeah, all 20 of you, listen up! ;)

So, Blogger is glitchy. Just like Rafflecopter sometimes is. And, for a couple months now, I've been trying to "reply" to your comments -- refreshing the screen several times. No dice. So, I am reading each and every comment - really. I get an email for each comment. I read it. Some I desperately want to reply to.

The comment option is one way to go -- but then you guys wouldn't get notified that I had replied anyway. I've done this a few times, but, I'm just really frustrated that I cannot reply!

I just wanted you all to know I see your questions. I read your thoughts and comments. I read them ALL. Thank you for them. I greatly appreciate each and every one. Even the SPAM makes me laugh.

So, I hope to figure out what is the cause, until then, keep 'em coming! Thank you!

How do I get over this Mountain I've made from my mole hill?

I moved into this house in 2009 in October. It's old. The lighting sucks. The outlets are in weird, impractical places for actually using them and I needed to go buy about 2 dozen adapters for any 3-prong plugs (which is almost everything these days!) It is a wood-burning home, with the stove in the basement, so we all smell a little smoked and we have a layer of dust that collects overnight from the residual smoke.


3 years later, with an almost 2 year old, we have a house FULL of clutter. FULL. I mean not like hoarder-style -- we can see the floors where there isn't furniture and there is nothing disgusting like a years' forgotten pizza in the bedroom. Ick. No, it's just a pile of magazines here, a tote of random stuff there. BUT, all of this combined with the tonage that kiddos have is just overwhelming!

I sweep, do dishes, and keep up on laundry really well. I pick up the main living area. I was always able to spend at least one weekend deep cleaning when I was a single gal, living alone. With a husband to clean up after and a child that never lets you get anything done, I've decided that being a homemaker sucks.

Really. If I didn't care so deeply about my boy and his development, there is NO WAY I'd stay home. I'm so not a June Cleaver kind of mom. I hate baking for the most part. I cook to survive, not because I'm particularly good at it or like to do it. I don't put on makeup and a cute outfit OR HEELS to clean.

I am a bad housewife!

Can anyone relate?

I feel like every "full-time" job I've ever had was WAY easier than running a household.

Someday I'm going to.

SOMEDAY, I'm going to...

1) Organize my photos better.

2) Continue the baby book past the first year

3) Take a studio yoga class.

4) Complete my quilt, started in 2009.

5) Travel with 'the girls.'

6) Leave my son overnight.

7) Sleep with my husband for a full night, without a child in it.

8) Go back to Alaska.

9) Organize my home AND keep it that way.

10) Tie flies

11) Go to all 50 states. 33 down.

12) Be happy and comfortable in my own skin!

13) Go to bed before 10 pm.

14) Wake up at 5am and not go back to sleep by 530am (and sleep until 9.)

15) Live intentionally. With purpose. (Less TV, internet, & all that jazz -- more LIVING!)

Alrighty! That felt good. I needed to get it down in list form.

I have a laundry list of grand plans, but I rarely see things to fruition if it's something I might enjoy -- like hobbies! Haha. Babies first. Family first. Me -----> always second! That is changing. NOW.

Under Armour Hoodie Giveaway!

Under Armour has swept the nation, warming our hearts while also warming our bodies! My whole family wears Under Armour for hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and just casually.

I was REALLY excited when I was contacted by Under Armour to facilitate a giveaway for all of you awesome readers! What we have for all of you ladies (or gentlemen that would like a nice gift for your ladies) is a XL Women's Armour Fleece Divide Hoody!! It is a semi-fitted pullover style hoodie that is a really nice purple color (Pluto) with a lighter (lavender) small Under Armour symbol on the chest and matching lavender hood. The shirt WILL be size XL and will be the color I just mentioned. Since it's semi-fitted it may fit a little smaller size -- so if you normally wear Large - or have a friend that would fit this size, I encourage you to enter, too!

Here is the ACTUAL prize shirt. I didn't even open it to photograph it!

Under Armour is the perfect gift for anyone on your list! My 91 year-old grandpa wears it as a compression aid for his circulation. My dad and husband wear Under Armour as a base layer, because they both work outdoors. My brother-in-law who owns a gym and is an ultimate fighter wears it for working out. My 21 year-old brother wears a cool UA camo sweatshirt that I got him last Christmas as a really well-received gift! I love Under Armour for snowshoeing, ice fishing, hunting and even just casual wear. I'll stop there - but it's easy to recognize how versatile this brand is and just how awesome the quality and efficiency of the products are!

You can check out the product page, straight from Under Armour by clicking here. That will be a great way for you to see the features of the shirt, modeled in pictures like the one below. It's really a sharp color and could be worn to the gym or casually! That's the great part about Under Armour--it's more than just great workout gear! They offer everything now from shoes to hunting apparel to socks and gloves!
This is not the color you will win, but it's the same style hoody.

I actually have a pair of Under Armour gloves that I wear ALL the time! I've had them since 2008, when I was on a fire detail in Oregon and it ended up snowing and I hadn't prepared! I ran into the town nearby as soon as I got off shift and purchased what have become my favorite gloves for all-around use!

Here's the color of the shirt, but in a cotton variety and a little different style:
This shirt retails for $49.99 and you can BUY one at any time from the Under Armour website subcategory: Womens Hoodies and Sweatshirts!
Don't forget -- shipping is ALWAYS free, no minimums!
Here is the back of the hoodie (again, different color here)
Features of this shirt include:
  • Super-lightweight Armour® Fleece fabric is smooth outside and brushed on the inside

  • Soft, brushed inner layer traps heat for all-day warmth and comfort

  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat so it dries faster

  • Lightweight stretch construction improves mobility for full range of motion

  • Two-piece hood with matching drawcords

  • Princess seams create a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette

  • Exaggerated ribbed cuffs and hem

  • Side hand pockets

  • 195g Polyester

  • Imported

  • And here it is again, in the style you'll win, lying flat:
    This is open to the US only. Enter on the Rafflecopter form below.
    All entries are verified. Winner will be emailed.


    **I was compensated with a review item and a sponsored giveaway item to facilitate this giveaway. All opinions are my own.**

    My Fun Clothes ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

    My Fun Clothes is just that - a fun place to get some cool soakers, longies, outfits, dresses, and so much more to dress your kiddos from head to toe in special, fun, custom clothing!

    I love the authenticity of the clothing that sewing kiddo fashionista and mama to her own little models, Edna makes for her Etsy shop, My Fun Clothes. By making her own clothing for herself, her kids, and for YOU, she can dress everyone to accent their very own personalities! I think it would be so amazing to be talented enough to design clothing and then also be able to make it wearable! I've tried a few times and have made some fleece pajama pants and pillowcases, but even then I've had epic failure! One pattern for pj's said "fold down for the rest of the leg" -- I totally spaced that and made myself some wonderful capris -- completely accidentally!

    Edna has made some great longies and a soaker for my boy to be cozy in this winter. He was so excited to wear the longies he didn't even try to escape from them! He's been a regular Houdini lately with clothing and diapers, but he went to bed happily wearing the longies! He's a picture of them "in action!"
    Here's the Etsy listing photo, a much better view on a still target!

    No matter how hard I tried, this photo didn't want to get vertical. Apologies, but isn't it adorable?!
    The longies were a PERFECT fit. Absolutely perfect over a diaper. I measured my Bug and gave the numbers to Edna and she was able to create fun, holiday printed fleece longies that will keep him warm and dry! Everyone loves classic Rudolph -- well I do anyway! I had no idea that they made some of the fabrics that she has to offer! Check them out here. Bambi...Peanuts...the variety is killing me! I'd love to employ Edna as my family's personal seamstress to make all sorts of great garments!!
    Now lets crawl the other way...

    This is the fleece soaker that Edna sent me to let my boy try. We haven't yet, it just arrived. We will soon though! Cars has been quite the hit with this toddler!
    And the rearview is just as cute as this front view of the soaker:

    Since we do let our son watch a little TV now, Cars is one of the shows we can BOTH stomach, even enjoy. So I had to thow this item listing photo in too! It's so cute and you gotta love Cars!

    Hat & Mitts!!!
    Edna has so many items in her Etsy shop, I know you'll have a blast perusing the virtual racks of clothing if you are anything like me!
    You can win a soaker of your choice form Edna's shop by entering the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway hop going on now!! Thanks to Edna for being a great sponsor! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and a Fluffy New Year!!

    Merry Fluffy Christmas Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event (Dec. 1 - 7) #FluffyXmas $150 Prize Package!

    Welcome! It's time for the highly anticipated, fantastically fluffy, holly jolly, Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Hop!

    There are SOOO many great prize packages, and 60 other bloggers that are participating! Make sure to check them all out as you hop along! You MAY get lucky enough to win your whole stash! Wouldn't that be a great Christmas surprise?!? Each blog has a prize package of at least $50 in value, mine is actually over $200 worth of great fluff! I will have review spotlights of each sponsor, so make sure to come back for the dirty details and the free daily points that I'm offering too!
    Here's what you'll be entering to win:
    There are 2 prize packs. The first is open to US/CAN and includes:
    1 Bebe Bubu diaper
    1 Glow Bug Cloth Diaper
    15% off your ENTIRE purchase from Happy Camper Cloth
     1 soaker or longies from My Fun Clothes
    The second is  open to the US only includes :
    1 EcoBubs Wool-blend pocket diaper
    1 Nana Pants by Betsy diaper
    1 SoftBums diaper
    1 Teeny Textiles diaper

    Open to the US /CAN only. Please enter below via the Rafflecopter form.

    ***Disclosure*** I was provided with complimentary items, as noted in each post. This does not effect my opinion and everything stated is honest. Adventures of Mommyhood is not responsible for prize shipment or fulfillment. I will do my best to try to help you as a liasion, but beyone that I cannot be held responsible.***

    Happy Camper Cloth ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

    I've been on a bit of a Midwestern kick for this event, but I cannot help but spotlight in my own backyard (and I don't mean while deer hunting!) Of course I'm referring to all of the great cloth diaper sponsors that have made this Merry Fluffy Christmas event all the merrier!

    Without further ado, we have Happy Camper Cloth, hailing out of Wisconsin! Jayme is the mastermind behind the fluff in this Etsy shop! She emboiders diapers for embellished bums, she makes wet bags, blankets, nursing covers and more! The diaper she created for me is pretty gnarly, dude!

    I've always been attracted to the brightest, boldest designs -- so when I saw that she had a tie-dye fabric, I knew it was the one for my boys' bum! Jayme has super fun prints, patterns and designs -- just scope out her photos from her Facebook Shop page and you'll see all sorts of customs and available fabrics! You'll spend all day deciding what to order!!!

    A very merry fluffy psychedelic Christmas we shall have!
    Here is the diaper in a photo from the Happy Camper Cloth Facebook Page - SO cute!
    As you can see, there is color and energy all over this diaper! It fits my boys personality perfectly! Each snap has a different color on the inside--totally Jayme's idea and it turned out wonderful! This fabric is super vibrant and it looks great with the coordinating snaps. It shows also that Miss Jayme has great attention to detail and a real eye for the creative genius in her cloth diaper creations! I love the colored snaps, I would love to see Jayme expand into crossovers though, since I a wee-bit obsessed with crossover snap wings! They make such a lovely fit! However, this diaper did fit my boy very nicely as-is.

    He weighs about 27 lbs and fits the diaper like a dream. The only thing that I didn't like about the diaper was the soaker - it was quite small, about the size of a large maxi-pad. It wasn't a problem, because we have lots of inserts that we interchange between diapers, but it's something to consider when ordering -- make sure you have more inserts for things like naps, younger babies that wet a lot, and long travel trips. The small insert DID do a really great job in absorbing though - no leaks! So, maybe there is a little truth to the saying "size doesn't matter" or whatever it is people say!

    Here's a great example of the way Jayme can mix and match and create fluffy art!
    It is another Facebook photo, but I just couldn't resist sharing it. A custom order, doesn't it represent Dr. Suess' Thing 1 and Thing 2 so well? I'd love to see these on twins!!

    How It All Shakes Out
    Daytime: 5
    Night-time: 4
    User-friendliness: 5
    Affordability: 5
    Quality: 4.5
    When All Is Said And Done: 4.5

    It's so funny--I end up tackling my boy and holding him still if I want any photos these days! I actually have one that I tried to take that I call the "Bigfoot" since it's blurry! And, there's a shadow of my camera. This is clearly a professional bigfoot researcher style photo!

    Well, here's the rundown. I like this diaper for daytime. I think I would LOVE it in the summer time, because it's so bright and cute. However, I hope to have my son potty-trained by summer, so maybe the next kiddo? But, you never know, do you? I like that this is a sleeve pocket design, so it's super easy to stuff. I didn't like the size of the soaker that was included, but it worked pretty well for short timeframes and can easily be remedied by adding more inserts. The quality is awesome--from the soft inner lining to the care and creativity given to putting in different colored snaps! These are highly affordable cloth diapers and Jayme is very friendly and eager to please! My husband likes the diaper, which is a huge testament to the ease of use. At night-time I did put a soaker over top of this diaper only because I know my son is a heavy wetter and a 12+ hour sleeper sometimes, so a little insert with PUL just wouldn't have been wise! But, for a daytime diaper - this is groovy man!
    One lucky reader will be receiving a big discount on their ENTIRE purchase from Happy Camper Cloth! You can also buy your own Happy Camper Cloth diapers anytime from the Happy Camper Cloth Etsy Shop or you can contact Jayme on her Facebook page, too!

    You can enter through the Rafflecopter form by clicking here, to my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank Jayme for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating a fun diaper for my boy to sport! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

    **Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**

    EcoBubs Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

    Some moms like wool. Some like pockets.
    But Wool Pockets?!
    No, not a wocket. It's not Dr. Suess. But I am talking about a true wool-blend pocket! Thanks EcoBubs for joining the best of both worlds!

    I had a fun time learning about EcoBubs as we've tried out our Forest Green Stripe some of the Australian and New Zealand influence they have! Did you know snaps are also called 'poppers?' How fun! And New Zealand is of course famous for their sheep, so it's only natural that they'd come up with such an amazing hybrid design! It truly is the best of both worlds. My husband doesn't mess too much with wool and fitteds, pockets are his forte. So, having a pocket that he can 'figure out' and that is also a great absorber is a home run!

    Here is a photo from the EcoBubs website that really gives a great overview of the features:

    Here's our beautiful nappy as they are termed in New Zealand and most other countries. This is a shot of it fully stuffed with the insert and lying on it's side.

    Here is the giant pocket. It is perfectly sized for the insert though, so I find myself liking it...

    We were right on the cusp of a Medium or Large diaper, the cutoff recommendation is 27 pounds, so we opted for the Large since Little Bug was right at 27. The rise in front is nice and high, so I don't feel like I'm squishing my babe's guts. There are 6 settings on the sides for snapping the diaper to fit your child best. The diapers are made in New Zealand and consist of a wool-blend outer material, a waterproof layer of PUL, a microfleece inner that is buttery soft, and the microfiber insert. I would love to try a bamboo insert just to see the natural fibers of bamboo working with the natural fibers of wool. I think it would increase the efficiency of the diaper even more. I wash my cover completely separate from all my other diapers--it's recommended but not necessary. If you don't mind if it pills or gets attached to the aplix of a diaper whose gone and un-did itself from the laundry tabs, that's up to you. For me, I want to keep my wool nice! You should also hang dry.

     How It All Shakes Out
    Daytime: 5
    Night-time: 5
    User-friendliness: 4.9
    Affordability: 4.8
    Quality: 5
    When All Is Said And Done: 4.94

    Because there is wool in these cloth diapers, they come with an insert, and they actually hold up rather well at night, they score pretty darn high! The price is a little more than a regular pocket - but you have to figure in the wool, which, when you do, makes the diaper quite reasonable! Stuffing the insert is easy--it's a large insert but fits easily into the large pocket. Normally I am not a fan of the larger pocket opening, however in this case I don't mind it at all. For daytime use, it's perfect. You can tell that it's made with wool, but only just. It's not irritating to my boys sensitive skin at all. I think that the fact that they sell sized diapers saves the absence of rise snaps for adjusting. The Large size was a really good fit with a bit of room to grow on my 27 pound toddler. The quality with which the diapers are made starts with the sheep and ends with a smile on the mama's face! I really feel like I am making a good choice when I put it on my son for naptime or a car-ride. The only other part that is a little different about this diaper is that it needs to be treated just a touch more gently -- especially when washing, use the delicate cycle. EcoBubs has proved a worthy contender of a top spot in my stash!

    One lucky reader will be receiving a diaper from EcoBubs! You can also buy your own EcoBubs wool-blend pocket diaper anytime at the EcoBubs website!

    You can enter through the Rafflecopter form by clicking here, to my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank EcoBubs for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating such cozy wool blend diapers! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

    **Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**

    Bubu Bebe ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

    Let me introduce to you, Bubu Bebe, another great sponsor for the Merry Fluffy Christmas event! They are a one-stop shopping online store if you are looking for great kids things! As their logo above states--they carry blankets to bibs, diapers to detergent!

    I was lucky enough to be able to try an AI2 diaper from Bubu Bebe in a very cool, vibrant hummingbird print! Bubu Bebe has some of the best selections of fabric and prints that I've ever seen! The fabric is just gorgeous and the diaper I got in the mail was no exception!

    Now, as you likely know, I have a little boy. I have absolutely no problem putting this gorgeous, colorful fluff on his beautiful bum! I think this hummingbird diaper is so bright and fun--any kiddo would love to model it! And, the gals over there even sent a cute matching cloth wipe! Owls and orange!! The orange coordinates with the inside of the diaper.
    Here's another example from the Bubu Bebe site of how expansive the selection of prints is:

    The diapers feature a unique snapping soaker system that lets you customize the amount and placement of the absorbency for your growing child. With all three soakers snapped in, you have TWELVE layers of absorbency--that a LOT of protection! These diapers are AI2 (all-in-twos) and have a hidden layer of PUL, so no cover is needed. Did I mention that there is a POCKET too? Yes! So, if you were so inclined, and your kiddo didn't mind, you COULD stuff the pocket, and use all 3 layers of inserts and have a super diaper! We haven't tried that yet, but just might tonight because I'm so curious!!!
    Here are the 3 inserts, still snapped together, folded out. The diaper is snapped shut using the super-awesome, always a mama's friend - Crossover Snaps!

    And, here they are in all their orange-y goodness, snapped apart! Pretty cool, eh?

    The legs are really comfortable for him, leaving no red marks. The many layers are totally great for keeping the moisture off of him and therefore we've had no diaper rash issues with the diaper. It's a little bulky, but for all the added absorption, I'll take a little extra fluff on the bum!

     How It All Shakes Out
    Daytime: 5
    Night-time: 4.8
    User-friendliness: 5
    Affordability: 4.5
    Quality: 5
    When All Is Said And Done: 4.86

    Okay, so the reason that night-time gets a 4.8 is that we really love a fitted diaper with wool in this household. We were good for about 10 hours in this diaper, which considering there is still a night-time feeding in there occassionally, it held up really well! But, nothing we've found compares to wool for wicking moisture, no matter how much it rocks! (Which this dipe does rock!)  Affordability is 4.5 because AI2 diapers tend to be a little more expensive than pockets but have a lot better absorption, so the money is definitely worth it, in my opinion. Plus, you cannot get cuter prints than Bubu Bebe's buying the 'brand name' pockets! This is a great diaper for all-around use. During daytime it is a real champ. We've been working on potty training, so sometimes the diaper stays dry 1/2 the day when we're doing good with the potty! The quality couldn't be better---the material is super soft and the sewing has held tight through several washings. I think the fact that a little cloth wipe is included shoes dedication to customer satisfaction which is a 5 in the awesome factor as well! This is top 3 in the most unique diapers in my stash I think! I just fell in love at first sight and we are finding more and more that it's a go-to diaper!

    One lucky reader will be receiving a diaper from Bubu Bebe! Make sure to take a look at their shop to see all the crazy, fun, and vibrant designs and patterns of fabric! You can also buy your own Bubu Bebe diaper whenever you want at the Bubu Bebe online store!

    You can enter through the Rafflecopter form by clicking here, to my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank the ladies behind Bubu Bebe for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating such beautiful, absorbent diapers! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

    **Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**

    Teeny Textiles Merry #FluffyXmas Review & Spotlight

    Teeny Textiles is an Etsy shop that offers great diapers - the selection is anything BUT teeny! It just so happens that Teeny Textiles is also a super sponsor for the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway hop!

    Amber is the owner of this fun fluff shop and she's just a dear to work with! She is a fellow stay-at-home mama that used to actually be an architectural drafter. I wonder if this skill helps her to perfect her diaper patterns? She works at home making these great diapers and is able to stay home with her boy - it's a win-win! We get great diapers and she gets time with her little love! You can find Teeny Textiles on Facebook, so go give 'em some love!
    You can order some terrific teeny cloth diaper ornaments like the one above and below! Amber sent it to me since I loved the sea life print and the snowman print (and the peanuts and about a dozen others!) You can get yours for just $7.50 each! What a steal! Can you imagine the nimble fingers it takes to put snaps and a ribbon hanger on a small ornament? I certainly could not make them with my fumbly fingers! What a fun addition to your Christmas tree!

    Here is a photo from her shop that shows all the little fluff minis!
    She also makes kiddo scarves! And, her holiday cloth diapers are on sale now! Like this very festive number:

     Here is the organic bamboo one-size fitted snowman diaper that I selected to try.
    This is actually the back view, but it shows the cute snowmen better! You can see the two black snaps--that's where the insert attaches to the diaper frame on the inside.

    Here is the front view, showing the crossover snaps and adjustable rise.
    As my seasoned readers know, I love fitteds with wool for night use and I love crossover snaps for a better fit -- big points for me that this diaper satisfies BOTH conditions!! When both soakers are snapped into the diaper, you get 11 layers of absorption and wetness protection!

    This is another look at the detail of the great snowman print!
    Here is a shot of the inside of the diaper, from the Teeny Textiles shop (I took several, but none seemed as nice as her very own photo!) As you can see, the double insert snaps right to the back of the diaper.

     How It All Shakes Out
    Daytime: 5
    Night-time: 4.9
    User-friendliness: 5
    Affordability: 4.5
    Quality: 5
    When All Is Said And Done: 4.88

    Okay, so the reason that night-time gets a 4.9 is that you need to pair it with a wool or fleece cover to make a barrier layer on top of the fitted.  Affordability is 4.5 because fitted diapers tend to be a little more expensive than pockets and have an additional expense of a top cover or longie of some kind. This is a great diaper for all-around use. During daytime it is a super diaper. Like superhero powers for absorbing pee and keeping my boy dry. At night, it's also pretty awesome. The quality couldn't be better---the material is super soft and the sewing has held tight through several washings. I think everyone that likes to use fitted diapers should include a Teeny Textiles in their stash!

    One lucky reader will be receiving a diaper from Teeny Textiles! Make sure to take a look at her shop to see what you'd love to add to your stash! You can also buy your own Teeny Textiles diaper at any time of the year by visiting her Etsy shop!

    You can enter through the Rafflecopter form here, at my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank Amber for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating such efficient, adorable diapers! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

    **Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**

    Nana Pants by Betsy ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

    So, another great midwestern diaper is on the agenda for discussion! Have you heard of Nana Pants by Betsy?

    Betsy is the 'nana' behind Nana Pants and has a daughter and two daughters-in-law that cloth diaper full-time using Nana Pants -- that means these are tried and tested on the frontlines! We've had a really great experience working with Betsy and I love the selection Betsy has in her shop! She's another shopowner that is "Minnesota nice" -- if anyone hasn't experienced how nice folks are from the midwest and Minnesota specifically, just contact Betsy! Working with her will make you see that the adage is true!

    Isn't that lab adorable? I couldn't resist since we're such a family of sportsmen!

    The top insert picured is the Geffen Baby and is more of a contour design, the bottom is a Zorb II.

    I think the quality of Betsy's diapers is awesome. The inserts are both really great (she has Zorb II quilted prefolds and Geffen Baby inserts) and I tried one of each. If coupled together the diaper gets us almost though the whole night, though as you all know if you've ever read a review before, we adore wool for our little Rip Van Winkle (he sleeps from 8pm to 9am frequently!) I love that there are options though--we happened to like the Zorb II's better, but they might be a bit too bulky for some that would prefer the Geffen Baby's.
    You can see the legs are snug but not too snug--there is no irritation from this diaper on his legs or otherwise. Betsy said that she cloth diapered her kiddos 'old school!' So, I have to give her a ton of credit! We have done handwashing, flats, covers, and almost every other style cloth diapering in the household, in an attempt to learn and explore, and I can tell you that the flats and prefolds along with hand washer are my least favorite! The promise of grandchildren on the horizon was what prompted Betsy so start her adventure with modern cloth diapering!

    This is the style pocket that I prefer when using pocket diapers, rather than the super huge ones some diapers have. I've found that these keep the inserts in place much better. My husband has no trouble fitting his hand in to stuff them--on the RARE occasion that they are not stuffed when I do the laundry! But, he's had no complaints with this diaper - I think if you're husband is apprehensive about cloth, just show him a blaze and camo diaper! Problem solved!

    The outside material is PUL and the inside is suedecloth. The diapers in the Nana Pants shop are all available in both snaps and velcro tabs now. I am thrilled that these diapers have crossover snaps! It's so much more versatile when you are hoping to use the same diapers from the newborn stage to potty training.

    You can find Nana Pants by Betsy on Facebook -- where you can 'like' her page and keep updated on all breaking cloth diapering news!

    How It All Shakes Out
    Daytime: 5
    Night-time: 4.6
    User-friendliness: 5
    Affordability: 5
    Quality: 5
    When All Is Said And Done: 4.92

    For those little divas in your life, Betsy makes super cute ruffle-bums too!
    Vikings fans, anyone? Betsy can put your favorite sports team and colors on your little fans' fanny! (Although, since she's from MN, she may charge more to make a Packers diaper!!!!) Haha!

    Have you seen the great holiday prints and patterns she has to offer? Her Etsy shop is just full of holiday fun like the Grinch and Rudolph!!  There are also Santas, Moustaches, ruffles, and clever sayings that can be embroidered onto the bum of diapers. Betsy is really great to work with -- and from her selection, it's pretty clear that she's got a knack for sewing. I'm sure she'd love to work with you on making the perfect fluff for your little ones' duff!

    One lucky someone will be receiving a diaper from Nana Pants by Betsy! Make sure to take a look at her shop to see what you'd love to add to your stash--one winner will get their choice of a diaper cover from all the selections in her shop! You can also buy your own at any point by visiting her site or Etsy shop!

    You can enter through the Rafflecopter form by clicking here, to my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank Betsy for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating such adorable diapers! Ours is a new favorite in the stash for sure! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

    **Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**

    SoftBums - Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

    The lovely folks from Softbums sent me an Omni diaper and new One Size SUPER Pod to review for another spotlight for Merry Fluffy Christmas!!! If you take a moment to read the "About Us" section of the SoftBums website, you will quickly see that the owners and creators of SoftBums are Minnesota natives (so it goes without saying that the company is "Minnesota Nice") and that they have a passion for getting it right. It's nice to know the people behind the name or brand. I really appreciate the effort and consideration that SoftBums puts into making a great diaper.

     I chose this diaper instead of the Echo because it is supposed to fit children (like big toddlers) up to 40 lbs. Here is a really cool comparison chart from the Softbums website for you to decide: Echo or Omni? It honestly was a super tough decision for me, but Omni is what fit our families' needs best. The great part? They are BOTH awesome diapers, so you really cannot go wrong!

    They really make it easy for you to decide!

    I LOVE the One-Size Dry Touch SUPER Pod! Love it!
    Here are a few photos of it from Softbums website:

    This is the pod, with the snap on small pod, for extra absorption.

    This Pod is made up of 2 parts that can be used individually or snapped apart.  The larger, one-size pod can expand or shrink to Small, Medium, and Large sizes, as seen below.

    The small snap-in pod is what makes this a great nap time or night time diaper. The material is REALLY soft and smooth, making it feel really cozy. Which in turn makes me feel good about using it on my little ones' bum. 

    Here is the inside of our Omni Cowies diaper -- super soft fleece.
    I love almost everything about this diaper. I don't care for the giant stuffing pocket as much as I like ones that are fitted with elastic, simply because the pods/inserts tend to stick out sometimes when the pocket is huge. It's nice for dads or folks with big hands, but I just prefer a smaller pocket opening. The pocket itself is a great size.

    As you see here, it's a very generous opening. Some love 'em, I prefer an elastic opening.

    And here is a feature that SoftBums is famous for, their The Slide²Size drawstring system.

    See how small you can get those leg holes? Not an issue for us now, but it truly makes this a one-size diaper for newborns to toddlers! Another great part of the SoftBums diapers is the crossover snap. They do offer velcro/touch tape as well, but my little Houdini gets out of it, so we have to use snaps. I love crossover diapers. I'm always frustrated when I find some of my favorites don't have this feature. It's so useful when trying for the coveted "one-size" from newborn to potty training goal!

    Here are some of the Dry Touch Pod features:
    • DryTouch fleece top wicks moisture away, keeping baby dry
    • Great for ages 0-36 months
    • Compatible with Echo or Omni shells
    • Good nighttime diaper
    • Good for heavy wetters, naps and travel
    • Stain-resistant
    Here is my skinny-belly, chubby-thighed toddler in a brief moment of stillness.

    Here is the Omni diaper and SUPER Pod on my toddler who is almost 2 and weighs about 27 lbs. It's a great fit!! As you can see, his chubby thighs poke through with no redness or problems, a snug fit that is always comfortable! (The angle is a little weird, they ARE chubby, but they look downright huge here! haha!)

    During the daytime I did not even have to use the small pod -- the main pod is sufficiently absorbent.
    During nighttime I did snap on the extra pod and it worked pretty well to keep my boy dry. We still have found that wool works best, since he is a super-sleeper (sometimes until 9am!) But, this option would be great for babysitters, grandparents, and dads during naptime or travel.
    We haven't had an issue with leaks, smells, stains or skin irritation so this diaper has been pretty great for us thus far!
    Softbums offers many colors and options for all of your diapering needs!

    How It All Shakes Out
    Daytime: 5
    Night-time: 5
    User-friendliness: 5
    Affordability: 4.5
    Quality: 5
    When All Is Said And Done: 4.9
    You can purchase Softbums products through their website or many retailers sell them as well, so ask your local friendly dealer or you can use this handy list from the Softbums site. The price is great for the quality of diaper that you will receive. The customer service at SoftBums is great too!
    You can enter to win an Omni pocket diaper and one size SUPER Pod of your own through my
    Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event. Please note, the SoftBums Package is only available to the US contestants, as is their policy at this time.

    **Disclosure - I received a diaper and pod to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest. I was not compensated in any other way.**