A Happy Green Life - Green Christmas Gifts Hop Sponsor Spotlight and Review

Do you guys remember way back in April, when I told you all I found and fell in love with a new laundry routine? Maybe something to do with a Manly Man smell exuding from my basement?! Well, the girls from A Happy Green Life are back this holiday season, and I've teamed up with them again to bring you a neat treat -- a holiday sampler package of some great new seasonal scents to delight your holly jolly selves this year as your doing your little elves diapers and your daily ho-hum routine will turn into a ho-ho-ho one!

Here's the skinny on what we've been smelling, and what the olfactory of a lucky reader will enjoy this holiday season:

Snowman Balls
Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
Elf Sweat
Goodie Goodie Gumdrops
Reindeer Poo
Sleigh Ride

They also have a scent called Winter Wonderland as part of this limited time holiday collection!
Read the write-ups that the lovely ladies have penned regarding the new holiday scents and you will see why I love working with and supporting this company!

You can green up your laundry while also livening up your home by using this natural laundry wash by A Happy Green life. Take a look at my original AHGL review post, when I first found out about the company, shortly after their 2012 debut to get all the dirty details!

Some of my faves have included: Manly Man, Green Irish Tweed, Hot Pink Lime, Reindeer Poo, Snowman Balls, and Sleigh Ride. I've actually tried about 18 of the scents now (and like usual, I share each with my mama!) and I just cannot get enough of my yummy laundry routine! It makes me feel good too, since I'm using some of those savvy ninja mom maneuvers that my mom used to use on me to get me to eat my greens and go to bed on time -- you know, to be healthier? I've replaced her carcinogen laced mainstream detergent with all of these amazing smellin' scents, so I know that my parents' skin isn't being bombarded by toxins! I've been tricking them into using a healthier laundry wash regime, thanks to AHGL! Sneaky, huh? I'm smug and they're smitten--you can't beat those results!

Her favorites have included White Silk Peach and Paradise Reef--but she's also a sucker for a manly man kind of day! My mama is a notorious cruiser, so Paradise Reef takes her back to the Princess ships when she cannot be in the tropics!

The coolest part (after the decadent smells) is that it's natural! Oh, and it actually CLEANS your clothing---which I guess is an important factor when considering detergents! We use it on everything from cloth diapers [the wash doesn't compound on the fabric like other detergents] to my husbands' yucky clothes from skunk and beaver trapping! (Phew!) My dad and brother have clothing that is eaten through by battery acid at times from working on machinery and cars, but it comes clean around the holes! Haha! It can be used on uniforms and for those (like me) that have sensitive skin.

You'll want to take advantage of the seasonal scents while they last! The gals at AHGL have great sales and even a 'Scent of the Month' club, so you can keep it fresh--literally--with a new scent pretty much year around! There are other products in the AHGL line as well -- you can even get combo packs! If you haven't tried greening up this part of your life, or if you're like me and you want to see someone elses life be a little greener, make sure you load up your cart with Green Christmas Gifts today!

One lucky reader will be winning a sampler, like the one pictured that my mom and I tried out to add some festive smells to decking the halls this year! Please enter on the Rafflecopter form by clicking here to re-route to the giveaway event post! Oh, and this IS a blog hop, so make sure you check out everyone elses' green gift packages!



  1. I would love to try their neutralizing powder. I read the descriptions of their scents. Wow! Those are some seriously elaborate laundry detergent scents! That must take a lot of work to formulate.

  2. I'm pretty sure I've never said this before but I would like to smell Snowman Balls! Seriously though, it has a wonderful description.