A note to my readers!!!

Hi everyone. Yeah, all 20 of you, listen up! ;)

So, Blogger is glitchy. Just like Rafflecopter sometimes is. And, for a couple months now, I've been trying to "reply" to your comments -- refreshing the screen several times. No dice. So, I am reading each and every comment - really. I get an email for each comment. I read it. Some I desperately want to reply to.

The comment option is one way to go -- but then you guys wouldn't get notified that I had replied anyway. I've done this a few times, but, I'm just really frustrated that I cannot reply!

I just wanted you all to know I see your questions. I read your thoughts and comments. I read them ALL. Thank you for them. I greatly appreciate each and every one. Even the SPAM makes me laugh.

So, I hope to figure out what is the cause, until then, keep 'em coming! Thank you!


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