Bubu Bebe ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

Let me introduce to you, Bubu Bebe, another great sponsor for the Merry Fluffy Christmas event! They are a one-stop shopping online store if you are looking for great kids things! As their logo above states--they carry blankets to bibs, diapers to detergent!

I was lucky enough to be able to try an AI2 diaper from Bubu Bebe in a very cool, vibrant hummingbird print! Bubu Bebe has some of the best selections of fabric and prints that I've ever seen! The fabric is just gorgeous and the diaper I got in the mail was no exception!

Now, as you likely know, I have a little boy. I have absolutely no problem putting this gorgeous, colorful fluff on his beautiful bum! I think this hummingbird diaper is so bright and fun--any kiddo would love to model it! And, the gals over there even sent a cute matching cloth wipe! Owls and orange!! The orange coordinates with the inside of the diaper.
Here's another example from the Bubu Bebe site of how expansive the selection of prints is:

The diapers feature a unique snapping soaker system that lets you customize the amount and placement of the absorbency for your growing child. With all three soakers snapped in, you have TWELVE layers of absorbency--that a LOT of protection! These diapers are AI2 (all-in-twos) and have a hidden layer of PUL, so no cover is needed. Did I mention that there is a POCKET too? Yes! So, if you were so inclined, and your kiddo didn't mind, you COULD stuff the pocket, and use all 3 layers of inserts and have a super diaper! We haven't tried that yet, but just might tonight because I'm so curious!!!
Here are the 3 inserts, still snapped together, folded out. The diaper is snapped shut using the super-awesome, always a mama's friend - Crossover Snaps!

And, here they are in all their orange-y goodness, snapped apart! Pretty cool, eh?

The legs are really comfortable for him, leaving no red marks. The many layers are totally great for keeping the moisture off of him and therefore we've had no diaper rash issues with the diaper. It's a little bulky, but for all the added absorption, I'll take a little extra fluff on the bum!

 How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 4.8
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 4.5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 4.86

Okay, so the reason that night-time gets a 4.8 is that we really love a fitted diaper with wool in this household. We were good for about 10 hours in this diaper, which considering there is still a night-time feeding in there occassionally, it held up really well! But, nothing we've found compares to wool for wicking moisture, no matter how much it rocks! (Which this dipe does rock!)  Affordability is 4.5 because AI2 diapers tend to be a little more expensive than pockets but have a lot better absorption, so the money is definitely worth it, in my opinion. Plus, you cannot get cuter prints than Bubu Bebe's buying the 'brand name' pockets! This is a great diaper for all-around use. During daytime it is a real champ. We've been working on potty training, so sometimes the diaper stays dry 1/2 the day when we're doing good with the potty! The quality couldn't be better---the material is super soft and the sewing has held tight through several washings. I think the fact that a little cloth wipe is included shoes dedication to customer satisfaction which is a 5 in the awesome factor as well! This is top 3 in the most unique diapers in my stash I think! I just fell in love at first sight and we are finding more and more that it's a go-to diaper!

One lucky reader will be receiving a diaper from Bubu Bebe! Make sure to take a look at their shop to see all the crazy, fun, and vibrant designs and patterns of fabric! You can also buy your own Bubu Bebe diaper whenever you want at the Bubu Bebe online store!

You can enter through the Rafflecopter form by clicking here, to my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank the ladies behind Bubu Bebe for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating such beautiful, absorbent diapers! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

**Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**


  1. My favorite print is http://hyenacart.com/BubuBebe/mt/1117/51956/Rainbow-Stripe-w-green-organic-bamboo-velour-soakers-

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    Kristen Redman

  3. I am DYING to try one of these! Seriously, they are the talk of all the CD mama boards!

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  7. This one is stunning!

  8. I like multi-layered inserts. This one is great.